All about: Good Health Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One

Whilst many of you out there reach for a probiotic to address nasties like bloating and cramping and others (like me) take them to keep eczema at bay, having a healthy gut could be more important to our general wellbeing than it’s ever been given credit for.
Probiotics are in my humble opinion essential to wellbeing, so it was great to hear that is being backed up by science, which has now ascertained that the gut and the beneficial bacteria that inhabit it play a critical role in immune function. In fact, about 80 per cent of immune function starts in the gut, so there has never been a better time to increase your friendly bacteria than now when the flu season is well and truly about to hit.
Supplementing a half decent diet with a probiotic can have an amazing effect, and one of the latest to cross my desk is Good Health's Immuno-Biotic - a PRE+PRO Biotic in One, which helps promote healthy microflora in the gut and support the body’s natural immunity through the colder months to combat ills and chills. 
Probiotics are well known for helping to increase the number of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, restoring gut flora balance and promoting optimal digestive and immune health. This formula also kindly includes a PREbiotic, creating a new way to care for your gut and immune health. The PREbiotic provides the food for the PRObiotic and other beneficial bacteria to feed on and multiply. In other words, the PREbiotic increases the effectiveness of the PRObiotic. Confused? Let’s just say it’s a super biotic of sorts, and the PRObiotic even has a naturally resistant coat to provide protection from heat, moisture and gastric acid. This means the bacteria survive the acidic conditions of the stomach and only activate and multiply once they reach the digestive tract. The unique PREbiotic in there is a natural ingredient called EpiCor, which is highly effective in strengthening the immune system and works as an antioxidant. 
Unlike many probiotic formulas, Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One is shelf stable so doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge (where I usually forget them!) and just one a day will keep your gut in tip top shape. It is also derived from natural sources, containing no added gluten, dairy, egg, crustacea, soy or wheat and is suitable for vegetarians. Love that.
Good Health naturopath Vanessa told me a handy gut health life hack that I personally will definitely be putting to good use, which is carrying a bottle of these babies around in your handbag for post-big meals and rich food. They will help your stomach settle itself down a little faster, which when winter comfort eating is afoot can only be a good thing!
Good Health Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One is in store now, RRP $29.90 for 30 vege capsules.


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