Love it: Yves Saint Laurent Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones

Even during the cooler months I like to add a little bronzed glow to the makeup mix, and know for sure that I look better with the hint of a tan – faux, of course. We all strive for that natural tan glow for our skin type - you know the one, that looks like we were kissed by the sun? Well YSL’s newest beauty offering - Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones - does just that, no word of a lie!  It even comes in three gorgeous matte shades, 01 Sunstone, 02 Fire Opal, and 03 Jasper, so you can be sure to find one that works for you.
A silky-matte bronzer that instantly gives your skin effortless, natural-looking radiance without the shine, Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones really is one of the best bronzer/blush products I have tried in the longest time. It really feels as if you were wearing nothing at all due to the fact that its creation uses a whole new type of powder technology that involves micro-milling machinery for a completely transparent end result. There are also light enhancing agents to add to the luminous finish, and squalane for its moisturising qualities. So think matte but never dull, and luminous but not shiny. Magic!
The ultralight matte powder blends seamlessly into skin when you sweep it onto your face using the softly rounded brush that comes in the pouch along with the YSL Cassandre branded compact.
Sun Stones is the lightest of the three colours and great if you have fair or light skin, or if you just want to add an ever-so-slight touch of colour to your complexion. Fire Opal is the mid-bronze shade that I have been using due to the olive nature of my skin, whilst the darkest shade, Jasper is perfect on naturally dark complexions or on mid-toned skin for contouring.
I have always loved the way YSL Beauty package their products and this is no different – it just screams that little bit of luxury we all need/want in our lives and is the perfect treat-to-self at any time.
So there you have it – this beauty is on counter next week with an RRP of $105.00, I highly recommend…


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