Beauty news: affordable, certified organic baby care from Little Skinfood

Now over thirteen years old, the Skinfood brand was one of the first in New Zealand to offer locally made skincare that was paraben free and used natural-based ingredients at an affordable price that often had to be seen to be believed. I fell immediately in love with it for all of those reasons, and the fact that the products worked was an added bonus.
The skincare experts behind the brand announced a long overdue makeover for Skinfood back in 2013, which was still around but had been swamped by the influx of similar products from overseas and a slew of eco-friendly beauty options. They took the makeover pretty seriously with all that in mind, re-launching with new look packaging alongside updated recipes and some exciting new developments. They took inspiration from the fantastic innovations and resources in natural skincare that the industry has welcomed over the past decade, with the end result being even more premium quality, yet affordable skincare inspired by nature, and made with the finest food and natural-based ingredients.
Now they have unveiled their latest innovation, which will see the baby care aisle of your supermarket get a whole lot greener. The highly praised, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty brand has just released its first ever range for babies and young children, which will be stocked in all good supermarkets nationwide.
With products that are 100 per cent natural and certified organic by ECOCERT, looking after your little ones – and yourself, as some of the products are definitely mama friendly - using the best ingredients is now not only easier, but also more affordable. 
 “The idea for Little Skinfood came about after members of the Skinfood team had babies over the past two years, says Skinfood General Manager and Little Skinfood collection founder, Alex Gage-Brown. “We quickly realised there was nothing out there that we felt comfortable putting on baby’s skin at an accessible price point.  And after talking to our Skinfood consumers we realised they felt the same, as many of them are mothers themselves.
“Skinfood is already renowned for its efficacious, natural and organic formulas so when we uncovered this gap in the market, it was a no brainer for us to find a way to fill it and broaden our offerings in this new area.”
As little skin is thinner, more delicate and more permeable than our own, it was imperative that Little Skinfood products, like their adult Skinfood counterparts, be hypoallergenic, and free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colours. “We wanted all the goodies - and zero baddies - to be found when you turned over to look at the ingredient list,” says Gage-Brown.
Little Skinfood’s beautiful new products care for little bodies top to toe, and their collection comprises six products including Little Body Wash, Little Head Shampoo, Little Body Oil, Little Body Lotion, Little Body Powder, and Little Bottom Balm. My seven-year-old son Wolf has been all over using their ECOCERT Organic Certified Little Body Wash, which has an RRP of just $14.99. Also ECOCERT Organic Certified is the Little Head Shampoo at the same price point, which is plant based and super safe for little scalps, skin and hair.
My mama friendly favourite is the heavenly Little Body Oil, made up of sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E help to nourish any skin. It has been the perfect, nourishing and neutrally scented body oil now the temperature has dropped, and I am definitely going back for more! 
Last but not least, the packaging is goddamn adorable - check it out above.
So, if you have little ones - or hey, even if you don't! - I highly recommend you check this offering out.


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