Beauty destination: Michelle Cook's Rosenthal Skincare

As a beauty writer I’m always keen to give a new treatment a bash, but a lot of women I know are scared of facials due to the likes of allergic reactions to the products used, resulting in a week hiding indoors with a scarf over your face. No joke. Some will also only stick with one particular type of facial as they like the products used and would rather not try another brand – and I’m sure that I’ve personally missed spending some quality time enjoying the skills of some very talented facialists, purely because I don’t fancy the snake oil that they’re pedalling.
One way to avoid all of the above is by having a facial of sorts executed without the use of any products at all, which you can do with Michelle Cook at Rosenthal Skincare on Auckland’s Jervois Road. Tucked away in a cosy room above the Annie Boyd gift shop, it’s a definite “destination” for those looking for a facial, but it’s a well-kept secret that I am more than happy to share.
What she specialises in is the Radiance Facial, a technique first introduced many years ago by Stanley Rosenburg as far as I know, who called it “Face-lifting Massage”. He was a firm believer that “your face is the mirror of your soul”, and that through the process of releasing our old facial tensions, we free up new reserves of physical, mental and emotional energy. It is essentially a super relaxing treatment for your face, head and neck that reduces and prevents the ageing process, releasing stress dramatically and bringing your whole self “back into radiance”. Practitioners say the main reason that your face will be really rather transformed after a few sessions is that around 80 per cent of stress is held in the face and neck, which adds to the ageing process and interrupts the other processes in your body. In other words, the likes of lines, furrows and sagging are the consequence of muscles that retain accumulated stress from a lifetime of events and emotions. When this stress is worked on and somewhat released, the blood flow to your face, circulation and lymphatic flow are increased, making for increased collagen production (the thing all of those wonder creams promise to do but don’t often deliver) and super clear skin.
The delicious treatment lasts an hour, and Michelle explained to me that it can complement any skincare range and facial treatments, including the healing process post cosmetic surgery. It also helps Botox and fillers go that much farther I’ve heard, with clients reporting that they can often give them up once they start of a regular Facial Radiance programme.
So what will you see after a Radiance Facial with Michelle? I only had one, but I did notice immediately how plump and toned my skin looked, which is amazing considering not a single cream or serum was applied. After a series of treatments – many recommend five over a five-week period –the area around the eyes will look more toned, fine lines will be minimised, lips will appear fuller, cheekbones more accentuated, your jaw line sculptured, neck muscles tightened and skin rejuvenated. It also promotes sleep, and I must say I got a good, solid nine hours’ worth after seeing Michelle.
Along with her facials Michelle offers a selection of beautifully blended oils created under the Rosenthal Skincare name. The line up is:
Rosenthal Glow Serum
Designed to be used on it’s own or under your favourite moisturiser, this luxe elixir fuses decadent base and essential oils like Baobab Oil, Camellia Oil, Argan Oil and Frankincense to nourish and soothe. These deeply emollient oils soften, treat and hydrate leaving skin soft, calm and supple. Not just for dry or mature skin, this gorgeous blend is super light and perfect for all skin types. 
Rosenthal Renew Cleanse
Gentle enough to be used morning and evening; this is what Michelle calls the optimal first step to any daily cleansing regime. It is designed to both heal and hydrate; and gently yet effectively dissolves impurities, makeup and excess sebum, deeply cleansing the pores without disrupting the skin's natural balance. Argan helps to fight acne inflammation and irritations, Rosehip works wonders on scars and is excellent at regulating the production of sebum and protecting the skin; while Jojoba unblocks pores. Hazelnut is highly suited for oily and combination skin-types, and helps tone; tighten, and maintain skin elasticity.
Rosenthal Restore Cleanse
The most luxurious way to cleanse your skin, according to Michelle. Using a decadent blend of restorative base oil, and the highest quality essential oils; this hand-blended facial oil feels beautiful on the skin and enlivens the senses. The one-step cleanser leaves your skin feeling smoother, softer and gorgeously refreshed; and it is gentle enough to use both in the morning (to awaken) and evening (to restore) removing impurities - including makeup.
Rosenthal Man
One just for the boys, Rosenthal Man is a blend of the highest quality carrier oils that are designed to feel lightweight when used - helping to soften, hydrate and condition your beard as well as look after your skin. Acknowledging those that respect the minimal, the oil is unscented allowing the earthy aromas of the natural oils to be embraced. This blend can be used as either (or both) a facial oil and beard oil.
If you’re in the market for a facial or a new skincare discovery then I highly recommend you check Rosenthal Skincare out – you’ll find Michelle at 87 Jervois Road, Ponsonby and on 021 088 30942 


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