Love it: M.A.C Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact

Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact is M.A.C's contribution to the cushion compact trend, and what a wonder it is. It is the brands first foray into this innovative trend of products that delivers true-to-life coverage while not suffocating the skin, and admittedly, it has been a looooooong time coming.
Cushion foundations started in Korea and have been growing in popularity in the Western world for a few years now. I think M.A.C took their time to give us something unique and original because Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact Foundation totally delivers in this new category. When they say it offers perfection and coverage, they are not lying.
Its sheer formula offers light to medium coverage - the familiar "your skin but better" foundation – and feels like nothing on the skin. It reveals rather than conceals your personal undertone, and the makeup brand’s Shade Intelligence Technology means it works with it whilst letting your natural skin shine through.

Housed in a sleek, mirrored compact, like all cushion makeup formulas it dispenses its foundation from a pre-soaked sponge. You can apply with the enclosed silicone-sponge, your fingers, or a foundation brush, whichever method appeals to you and gives you the finish you want. I find the sponge tends to soak up more product than I need, so I have been applying mine with the M.A.C 196 Slanted Flat Top foundation brush (above) as recommended by affable and charming M.A.C Senior Artist, James Molloy. This gives me a nice medium level coverage, which needs no re-application during the day apart from the odd dusting of powder if the weather is super hot.
Among the marketing claims is that this formula is sweat- and humidity-resistant, and I found both to be true (although I don’t wear it to the gym, naturally!). It keeps oil in check really well, but still has a nice satiny finish as opposed to the less flattering, matte option that usually comes part and parcel with an oil control formula.
I took my Shade Intelligence Compact to both a steamy hot, humid Sydney and a dry, perfectly warm Honolulu over the last couple of months and it worked its little pants off in both locales. It was also naturally travel friendly, and sweet as for carry on due to its formulation. Bonus!

So, there you have it – M.A.C done good! These foundations are thankfully now part of the year-round M.A.C line and are available now for RRP $75.00. Go forth and glow!


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