Love it: Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

Having not had a professional facial in what feels like the longest time, I have become a bit of a DIY expert when it comes to at home treats and realised that most of all I love a face masque. Ease of use and real results are the Holy Grail when it comes to this area, a combo that is all too rare when it comes to most new releases.
I swear I’ve used a million products that claim brightening and radiance-boosting properties in particular, and although I’d love to say that in testing all of these creams, gels and whatnot, I’ve found many a secret to a glowing, dazzling complexion, but sadly they are even rarer than the aforementioned combo. Very sadly in fact! So when I meet a product that promises to “recharge skin’s youthful glow” and actually delivers, I am BEYOND excited.
That product is Kiehl’s brand spanking new Cranberry and Turmeric Energizing Masque, which really does instantly brighten dull, fatigued skin – as well as reportedly restore skin’s “healthy, rosy appearance” over time.  Having popped the lid on a sample for the first time this past weekend I can definitely vouch for the former, and if the latter is to be believed I will be popping the lid on a lot more pots to come!
Formulated with Cranberry Extract - an antioxidant packed “superberry” rich in resveratrol - and renowned anti-inflammatory Turmeric Extract, it also contains micronized Cranberry seeds that can be used to gently exfoliate the skin while washing the mask off after use. I absolutely love the turmeric aspect of this formula in particular – it’s an ingredient with a long history of skin loving, having been traditionally used as a botanical supplement in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Egyptian traditional medicine.
I love the fact that it looks and feels like a truly old school, creamy facemask - thick and rich and easy to apply. After ten minutes the mask dries proper to an initially alarming (!) yellow-orange hue that soon softens with lukewarm water, gently washing off as the tiny cranberry seeds very gently exfoliate. An initial radiance check came back with a big tick, and my previously dehydrated and dull looking skin was noticeably brighter and luminous. And amazingly the love continued - my skin was actually better the next day.
Sound like a bit of you? Then get thee to a Kiehl’s counter ASAP – this baby (RRP $65.00 for 75ml) hits New Zealand counters today and is destined to a be a best seller.


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