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We all know that there is no such thing as spot reduction and that if you really want to “chisel the marble” you have to put more time in the kitchen than you do in the gym, but for many it’s the eating well element that’s the really hard part. We all seem to manage to make time for boot camp/barre class/runner’s club or whatever your jam may be, but without good nutrition to back it up you just won’t see results.
Thank the sweet lord for the fact that PHD Cleanse are now delivering wholefood meals to homes then – you don’t even have to find a park outside your local clean food seller, just meet the courier at the door and whack it in the fridge… too easy!
I first became aware of the work of local delivered juice kings PHD Cleanse a few years ago, when they created a range of easy-to-follow juice cleanse systems that use freshly cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised ingredients to load your body with all the things that are good for you and make things about as convenient as they get!
Designed to help accelerate the body’s natural processes, PHD Cleanses flood the body with essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals that eradicate and eliminate toxins. PHD Cleanse co-founders Rich Tangney and James Ehau, say, “New Zealand grows some of the freshest and most nutritious raw fruit and vegetables in the world. Unlike most other re-set programmes, we wanted to make the most of our amazing fresh produce. We found a way to deliver it to people’s doorsteps – in no-mess, no-fuss bottles – and leave them feeling rejuvenated, energised and altogether healthier.”  
The fact that Rich and James found a way to deliver PHD to people’s doorsteps – in no-mess, no-fuss bottles –got a big tick from me at the time, as ‘having no time’ is one of the main excuses people give for not giving juicing a go. It’s also available as a 3-Day and 5-Day cleanse system - available in ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ levels – so you can find a way to fit it into your life no matter what.
Each system consists of six bottled juices a day, with the Green Juice – combo of cucumber, celery, kale lettuce, parsley, lemon, apple, cos lettuce and spinach – as the predominant variant. Other faves of mine are the Silver Juice (lemon, cayenne, agave nectar, 'oxygen rich' detoxification water) and Yellow Juice (pineapple, apple, mint). Green juice is widely considered the world’s healthiest juice – jam-packed with green leafy vegetables – and it was my absolute favourite of the bunch. I wish I could have a pack delivered every week as I’d hoover it up, no problem!
Anyway, PHD Cleanse recently announced the launch of a delicious and nutritious range of wholefood breakfasts, lunches and dinners, which can be ordered online at and delivered direct to Auckland doorstep. The new PHD Cleanse wholefood meal options, created in partnership with nutritionist Chantal Dey provide Kiwis with convenient and great tasting food as well as complete dietary nutrition. They also perfectly complement the PHD Cleanse juice and juice cleanse plans which have become a staple health beverage option for thousands of Kiwis over the last four years.  
With functional nutrition and convenience in mind, the current season range offers nine options, including Green breakfast smoothies, Vegan Super Salad, Herby Summer slaw and slow-cooked Shredded Spicy Chicken. “The meals are something we’ve wanted to offer our customers for some time, it just made sense to offer clean eating options as a follow up to our juice cleanse product”, says Managing Director Rich Tangney.
You can pick and choose what you like from their website, or if you’re not sure what is going to work for you there is the option of selecting one of the wholefood plans pieced together by aforementioned nutritionist Chantal Dey. Alternatively they can put you directly in touch with Chantal so she can personalise your option at an extra charge.
PHD Cleanse say there are plans to expand and continually refresh the current range options in keeping with seasonal produce, and to deliver to all regions outside Auckland in the near future. How great is that? 
If you’re in the market for convenience, great food and balanced nutrition then I highly recommend you head here: 


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