Love it: Dove Summer Glow, perennial favourite

Even though summer is officially over - AKA the season of Less is Best - I like to have a bit of a glow on all year round and have become quite the fake bake connoisseur. If you’re a novice however – or like a lighter touch – a great option is using a gradual tanning product, and there are some stellar examples out there on the market. They are also the best choice if you’re as rubbish at applying self-tanners as I am, so it’s high time you made a gradual tan your friend – the best of the bunch are pretty much foolproof, and great for your skin to boot.
A gradual tanning product is a great way to extend the life of your spray tan and because you get a built in moisturiser you just pop it on after your shower and you are done. It’s incredibly easy to add to your daily routine, and once you get into the habit, you’ll be seriously hooked.
I’ve loved and used versions by Dove (save) and St. Tropez (splurge), but time and time again go back to the former for both its price point and its results. I thought it was amazing when I interviewed celebrity tanning guru James Read years ago upon the launch of his own, super luxe tanning range and he told me that before he had his own line Dove Summer Glow was his total Desert Island product – that is no faint praise!
I especially love that Dove Summer Glow comes in two formulas depending on your skin tone and how tan you like to go, which is a major for fair skinned types who are usually overlooked by the general tanning brigade. I use Medium to Dark and am yet to have a streak or an unnatural hue, and it smell a treat as an added bonus!
So, Dove Summer Glow is pretty much perfect, really, and the fact that it comes with a supermarket price point (sub $10!) is astonishing given its high performance formula. Love it.


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