Love it: Berlei's The Sensation Contour bra

In the weekend I bought a bra, which in itself isn’t that amazing. Hardly breaking news, in fact! What is amazing is that it is the same bra I now have four of as I am completely obsessed by how incredibly comfy and versatile they are.
Trying not to sound like an infomercial – and no, I am not being paid to write this – I just want to send major props to the creator of Berlei’s The Sensation Contour bra. When their PR company y sent me two to try with the kicker that they wanted to me to take the “Berlei Seven Day Challenge”, I was dubious. A bra so good I’d wear it for seven days? Not likely, but how wrong was I.
After being diagnosed with - and successfully treated for - breast cancer three years ago, I have been on a constant search for truly great, underwire-free/comfortably soft bras that actually work as an “undergarment” too. Seriously, they are hide to find - that perfect mix of good looking, comfy and supportive of my girls? Harder than you think!
I still wear some of my underwires for short periods of time and can’t give up some of my favourites, but one that meets all of the criteria above is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Lonely lingerie do some superb versions (all of which I own) but until I tried The Sensation from Berlei I was doubting the existence of an everyday, t shirt style bra that I wouldn’t want to tear off the minute I walked through the door of the house after a long day.
So what makes it so different? Well the feel, mainly. Crafted from plush suede for the ultimate in luxurious comfort and support, The Sensation is reportedly Berlei’s “softest bra ever” and you have to feel it to believe it!
Finer, stretchy shoulder straps that move with your body and are fully adjustable for the perfect lift are also a factor, and the size range is impressive too.
So, there you go  - an underwear rave from me like such as not been heard in a long time. Now to try the lace version… my obsession continues.


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