Hair how to: Redken X Kate Sylvester, NZFW 2015

The Kate Sylvester show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 was one of the most praised of the week, with a killer collection and hair and beauty looks to match.
In charge of the locks was Richard Kavanagh, Redken Artist, who created a Romeo and Juliet inspired look.
“We had a really androgynous feel happening with our Romeos and a very soft feminine look for the Juliets,” said Kavanagh, adding that “Romeo needed to feel a little bit nineties but very rock n roll, kind of like Baz Luhrmann’s rendition - but still feminine in a way and that’s where the androgyny comes in. Romeo’s look was about great prep - then that last tiny touch for a rock n’ roll, tough-guy edge.”
Sylvester’s Juliets were a picture of feminine romanticism, and hair was blow dried with Redken’s secret for beautiful hair - Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine - and given a slight bend with the trusty curling iron.
To create the look for Romeo (middle):
1. To recreate the Kate Sylvester look for Romeo, strengthen the hair by adding Redken Rootful 06.
2. Work with Redken Rough Paste 12 to create cool effortless and easygoing texture.
3. Push back the sides and then lock into place with Redken Forceful 23
To create the look for Juliet (top and bottom):
1. To recreate the Kate Sylvester look for Juliet, blow dry in a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine for a really luxurious shine.
2. Create a slight bend with curling irons before centre parting the hair.
3. Twist back front sections and pin (the team used bespoke barrettes from MPNT) 

** all photos by Pikdat Productions **


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