Tanning how to: St. Tropez X We Are Handsome Activewear at MBFWA

The inspo for the We Are Handsome Activewear collection at last week’s MBFWA was “The strength of active lifestyles interpreted into strong, clean lines and striking figures… The movement and vitality of bodies in motion, flexing, stretching and free to take on any challenge.” The natural tanning partner for the label was most definitely St. Tropez, who have worked with the brand for some time now and always create something beautiful to go with their shows and editorial.
Set under the lights of the White City Tennis Courts and starring Insta-Fit girls and athletes (amongst models), the show celebrated strong women who are driven and motivated to live in a fresh, inspiring and powerful way – and yep, all were glowing with St.Tropez! “St. Tropez is the perfect partner for accentuating our girls natural hues,” said WAH Designer & Director Katinka Somers, “they have a deep understanding of their craft and using their superior products they translate healthy glowing skin beautifully.”
The tanning brief was “Sun-kissed Sport Luxe” - a natural deep glow earned while pushing the body to the max. “Think days spent having fun and living fit lifestyles - whether they are out swimming, surfing, running or practicing yoga,” said Somers. “Our girl is a natural fitness warrior.”
Of the tan, St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Michael Brown said, “This year for We Are Handsome we are bringing the active glow to the ‘runway’ using skin finishing techniques to create a very healthy, 'lit from within' look. Adding warmth, depth and then highlighting all brings a touch of the outdoors to the skin - and it’s achievable for people at home too. With St.Tropez everyone can achieve the covetable, on-trend Active Wear look, everyday.”
To recreate the tanning look at home:
1. Exfoliate the skin the day prior with St.Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Body Polish ($29.95) and hydrate with St.Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser ($29.95) to plump and even the skin tone for tanning.
2. Buff St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion Medium/Dark ($23.95) into the skin using the St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt ($14.95) to create a deep, even, warm tan. ‘Buffing’ blurs the line between skin and tan - the tan won’t sit ‘ontop’ of the skin, but instead, appear to be one with the skin.
3. Sweep St.Tropez Gold Illuminator ($34.95) down limbs and across the collarbone to highlight and elongate the limbs and give an extra golden glow.


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