Love it: Jo Malone London Blue Skies & Blossoms

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Jo Malone London has unveiled Blue Skies & Blossoms – a collection of the brand’s most popular blossom scents. The limited-edition line will be available at Jo Malone London stockists from May 4 and I defy you not to fall in love with one of the exquisite, ultra feminine trio.
Created by three different Master Perfumers chosen by the Jo Malone London Creative Studio, each fragrance was designed to “encapsulate the light, carefree attitude of the Spring season as well as gentle nod towards the season of growth and renewal”.
I am not typically a light, floral fan and yet I find Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom Cologne pretty irresistible, and think many of you will too. Created by Christine Nagel, Sakura Cherry Blossom is a delicate floral blend of rose and bergamot, whilst the second fragrance Osmanthus Blossom – composed by Marie Salamagne – combines peach and petitgrain. The third in the line up is Plum Blossom, which I haven’t worn myself but have heard is beautiful Nosed by Fabrice Pellegrin, it opens on top notes of yellow plum, building to a plum blossom heart.
“Floral scents have always been some of the most popular among women, but today they’re looking for a 
different kind of floral expression,” noted Jo Malone London Fragrance Director Celine Roux. “We associate traditional heady bouquet scents with our grandmothers while blossoms are fresh, natural, authentic and much easier to wear.”
They are most definitely all designed to be spring scents, but I think they will work at any damn time of the year! Start saving now…


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