Beauty news: Kryolan officially arrives in New Zealand

In news that is going to make beauty professionals working in the film and fashion industries, drag queens and makeup fans verrrry, very happy people, it has been announced that Kryolan, the world’s number one professional make-up brand, has announced its ‘official arrival’ into New Zealand. 
Headquartered in Berlin, Kryolan has become the go-to professional make-up brand for the world’s film, theatre and television industries for years, and is often the secret weapon of many a beauty freak outside the industry too. 
Late last year, the pioneering make-up brand opened the doors to Kryolan City, its debut standalone store at 222 Broadway, Newmarket. Kryolan also operates a full e-commerce shop for New Zealand,
“Kryolan is the number one choice for make-up artists and we pride ourselves on being a global brand delivering state-of-the-art products and experiences worldwide,” said Wolfram Langer, CEO of Kryolan. “Our arrival in New Zealand marks a truly special day in our history. Kryolan City is the perfect canvas to showcase our collections – light, bright and clean – and we’re thrilled to now have a place to call our own in the metropolis of Auckland.” 
Kryolan has over 750 colour intense shades in more than 16,000 high quality make-up products and accessories including high definition make-up for television, film and theatre, cosmetic make-up for the eyes, lips and face, and accessories and equipment.
The 70-year-old family-owned company prides itself on its scientific origins. The Kryolan headquarters in Germany focuses on researching and developing new products using unique raw materials, and the brand is currently used in more than 80 countries in every continent worldwide.


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