All about: the Inhibitif collection, available at Caci

There are many things to love about my French-Croatian heritage – the ability to tan quickly with very little sun, my love of great food and wine, my surprisingly resilient, thick hair… but one of the things I don’t appreciate is closely related to the latter, in that I have to shave my legs on a more than regular basis.
Removing hair is a pain, and when you have to shave your legs and under your arms every couple of days then it’s also a major time waster, especially in high summer when pants just aren’t an option.
Consequently, I was very excited about the it less often with Inhibitif, the revolutionary new range of hair inhibiting products arriving in New Zealand this month. Developed in the UK, it targets the hair follicle to slow down the growth of unwanted hair, significantly reducing the need for hair removal over time. Unlike other treatments that use just one technology to target hair growth, Inhibitif uses several proven active technologies combined in a penetration-enhancing base made of Natural Maize Propanediol and aloe.
The main ingredients of the spray are a chemical called lauryl isoquinolinium bromide, which weakens the hair as it begins to grow, and another called dihydromycerin, which targets the signals that tell each hair to enter its growth phase.
Better yet, there are also chemicals in the formula to protect the skin tissue around the follicles, as well as the aforementioned maize extract and aloe, which help the formula sink into the hair roots, leaving legs soft.
It sounds like a lot of powerful chemicals to be throwing at our skin, but Brandon Trueaxe, the founder of the company behind the Inhibitif brand, has said it's nothing to be worried about. "People may be scared of these long names, but all these ingredients are actually widely used, safe chemicals," he says, and most of them come from a natural base.
The range is available exclusively at Caci clinics in New Zealand, with the beauty brand kicking off with three of their bestsellers. The first is Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Body Serum (RRP $59.99), a formula suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types that is most effective when evenly applied to shaved or waxed body areas twice daily for two months.
Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Face Serum (RRP $34.99) works to diminish the look and density of facial hair, revealing smoother skin in as little as two weeks., whilst Inhibitif Hair Free Intimate Care (RRP $32.99) was designed to visibly minimise hair growth in just two weeks as well as target ingrown hairs, reduce irritation and deeply hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid.


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