Love it: Aspect SMC Super Moisturising Complex

Thinner, duller, less vibrant skin is what you expect as you get older, and I for one am doing all I goddamn can to fight it every step of the way! This is mainly due to collagen and elastin diminishing, cell turnover coming to a grinding halt and environmental damage: i.e. sun exposure catching up with you, and so the more goodness you can put back in, the better.
Over the years skin becomes thinner and more translucent, so capillaries show. Wrinkles, age spots, uneven pigmentation may also develop - especially if you weren’t diligent about sun protection from childhood into your 30s – and your skin produces less oil in your 40s, leading to dryness. But the news isn’t all bad!
As well as top-notch masks and serums and regular facials, a great moisturiser really is one of your best friends. Moisturising skin morning and night is always a must, and when you find a good one it really will make a dramatic difference to the outward appearance of your skin.
My latest love is Aspect SMC Super Moisturising Complex, which is a super nourishing, anti-ageing cream with stem cells that has been designed especially to support a dry, dehydrated skin with ageing concerns.
It is packed full of cell targeting ingredients like:
* Hyaluronic Acid
* Sodium PCA
* Peptides
* Stem cell extracts
* Green tea
* Oil soluble Vitamin C
* Canadian Willow herb
* Sea Buckthorn Fruit oil
The unique SMC formula provides protection against free radical damage while supporting the barrier function and bathing the skin with superior hydration, and it absorns super fast despite the richness of its general ‘feel’. Magic – and totally sweet to massage in before applying makeup.
The perfect option for dry, dehydrated skin and anyone with ageing concerns, it has made a huge difference to the comfort factor of my usually dehydrated skin. Love that.
Last up, I love that this beauty comes in a pump form that is super hygienic and dispenses exactly the perfect amount of product for me every time. Amazing! Now if only I could find a product this good for the fine lines around my eyes I would be over the moon – just putting it out there universe!


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