Hair how to: Coach FW 15 at New York Fashion Week

I love the recent reinvention of the Coach label, which these days is all about the tough girl who sports a plaid and shearling coat over her leather mini. Adorned with pink, rough edged scarves, brass pins and chain-strapped purses, this girl looks punk but also perfectly groomed, and I was enamoured with the new FW15 collection from the New York staple.
I also fell in love with the hair look, which was created by Redken Global Creative Director, Guido. It was an ode to each model’s individual personality and style, whilst emphasising the innate coolness of the fresh new collection.
He washed the hair with Redken’s new Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner (arriving in New Zealand in July, hurrah!) and then let it dry naturally for a clean, frizz free and shapely texture. He then applied Redken’s Flex Move Ability 05 lightweight defining cream-paste near the part for a smooth finish with natural shine.
“At Coach this season I left the hair as natural as possible, and really played up the individual personalities of the girls,” explained the super stylist. “A lot of the shows this season want to keep the girl’s personalities – they don’t want armies. So I started with clean hair, washing the girls’ hair the night before to get rid of any frizziness or wildness, and then let the hair dry naturally to get that great texture.” He created a part that’s just off-centre “so it feels not very thought about, and then applied a bit of Redken’s Flex Move Ability 05 with my fingers to take any frizz away. There’s this sort of coolness about natural hair, and we’ll probably see a lot of it this season because it feels very modern.”
To re-create this heavenly look at home:
1. Start with clean hair by washing with Redken Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner (not available until July in NZ)
2. Allow hair to dry naturally and then create a slightly off-center part
3. Using fingers, apply Redken Flex Move Ability 05 light weight defining cream-paste to the hair near the part to add smoothness and natural shine

Photos by Lucas Flores Piran for Redken


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