In love: Vede & Crede's Facial cleansing tonic

A while back now I had an – extended – rave about my discovery of Vede & Crede facial serums, which I’ve recommended to all in sundry ever since.
A boutique New Zealand beauty company, Vede & Crede Skincare calls itself a “gorgeous, sensual, organic skincare range”, and its formulas feature highly prized, time-tested botanical ingredients, essential oils and perfumes from Morocco, the Middle East and Ayurvedic India. It’s definitely different and definitely a joy to use, being high performance and luxurious to boot.
Literally translated, Vede & Crede is Latin for "see and believe", and their reason for being is to create and celebrate luxurious, organic and botanical skincare that positively impacts your appearance, lifts your spirit, is gorgeous to use and benefits the grass-roots, local communities from whom they source most of their ingredients. Hallelujah to that. The company use far greater quantities of argan oil than most, and it is premium certified organic, virgin, cold-pressed argan oil that they quality test in a laboratory. This is blended with virgin, cold-pressed, certified organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil that has even higher levels of these compounds plus extra antioxidants that are proving so important in the fight against ageing.
But aside from these wonderful serums they also offer a Facial Cleansing Tonic, which is also beautiful to use and deliciously different. It’s a delicate formula created using French Rosewater, Date and Red Sandalwood Extract, Soapnut extract and a tiny amount of preservative allowed under the organic schedule. It’s a super light, refreshing cleanser that you simply spray on to cleanse, and I’m loving using it in the morning to freshen my skin up after sleep. Apparently it will even remove light makeup, although I’m more of a double-cleanse-before-bed kind of girl.
If you haven’t tried Vede & Crede yet you can have a wee taste of what they do by picking up a travel-sized pack of their four products (above). It includes Soothing facial serum, Nourishing facial serum, Replenishing facial serum and this wondrous Facial Cleansing tonic, and I highly recommend that you do!
Have a look at their website for stockists here.


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