Christmas Countdown: Karen Murrell's pretty Christmas Lips Gift Packs

“I think that lipsticks are like flowers, they have an instant feel good factor that will brighten anyone’s Christmas day,” says Karen Murrell, Creative Director of Karen Murrell Lipsticks, and I couldn’t agree more. Karen’s lipsticks have even more to feel good about than most as well, being hailed as the ultimate ‘vegetarian lipsticks’ as the range has no animal based materials or testing. Instead, they contain Avocado Oil (to provide moisture, nourishment and hydration), Cinnamon, Evening Primrose Oil (rich in Omega 6 to soothe and moisturise), and Carnauba Wax; renowned for its high melting point, ensuring they are hard wearing in even the roughest handbag.
She has also released two very cute Limited Edition Christmas Lips Gift Packs especially for the silly season, containing two lipsticks and a Karen Murrell Moisture Stick – a handbag beauty essential for long summer days at the beach.
Gift pack one (above) is made up of Red Shimmer (a true fiery red) and Carnation Mist (a pretty pink), whilst gift pack two has the warm and gorgeous Coral Dawn and flattering neutral Cordovan Natural.
Karen Murrell Limited Edition Christmas Lips Gift Packs have an RRP of $49.90 and are available right now. Get in there!


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