Summer Essential: The Perfect Bronze Kit

Lucy and the Powder Room at The Department Store is definitely near the top of my list of “happy places”, and is also where I discover all many of beauty tips and treats.
Naturally, and packages and kits they put together are impeccable, and I absolutely love this summer-focused Perfect Bronze Kit that is key to achieving exactly that.
In it you’ll find on of the legendary Riffi mitts – in my mind the best exfoliating tool on the market. They are indestructible and washable, and the ones I own have been stalwarts in my bathroom for years now. As well as helping with ingrowns, they are a great way to boost your circulation – and keep one step ahead of dry skin.
The kit also contains a voucher for an in salon spray tan – reportedly the safest in the biz with a beautifully natural glow – and a full size SANS Regenerative Cream body moisturiser, which contains the likes of Omega 3’s, antioxidants, AHAs and Vitamin A. A totally power pack for great skin, I’ve used this in the past and can vouch for its efficacy and its general, all round awesomeness. It’ll help your tan linger for longer, along with keeping your skin super noursished.
The Perfect Bronze Kit is just $140.00, get yours now!


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