Love: Bobbi Brown’s rich n' spicy Marrakesh Chic

Morocco has been on my “must visit” list for over ten years now, but with no plans to hit the nearest Kasbah yet I’ll – quite happily - make do with a play with Bobbi Brown’s beautiful new collection, called Marrakesh Chic.
Inspired by the markets in Marrakesh, Morocco, she created the line after a trip to the country with her husband a few years ago. "It was such an amazing trip and I was so inspired by so much that I saw there, especially the incredible rich earthy colors that dominated the cityscapes and the rural vistas that we traveled through," she said in a press release. "As soon as I got home, I started developing ideas for a seasonal collection featuring a new eye shadow, based on what I had seen and experienced there."
That new formula is the collection of Rich Color Eye Shadows (pictured above), which are creamy powder shadows with pigmented colour payoff that promises a 12 hour wear time. The shades are absolutely incredible, and as for the wear time? It’s totally on the money.
Super matte, I find the best application technique for these is fingers to blend these completely out and avoid any patchiness. The end result is a perfectly smoked out shadow look that makes for a great nighttime eye when you’re using my favourite shade, Coffee Bean.
These are on counter in early March Down Under, so start saving now!


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