Daily delight: Nimue Stemplex Serum

It never ceases to amze me how many innovations in skincare owe their efficacy to the humble green apple, and now another product has arrived on the market that harnesses the power of nature’s most self-deprecating fruit. South African beauty brand Nimue Skin Technology has discovered how a rare Swiss apple can help us look years younger by renewing our skin’s own cells. Known as Stemplex Serum, it uses plant stem cells extracted from “spatlauber” (yep, that’s a word) apples to strengthen the stem cells found in our skin. The skin’s stem cells are responsible for tissue renewal but age, stress, and environmental damage mean they loose their capacity to divide. The result? Skin renewal becomes slower and wrinkles appear and deepen, which is not ideal. Clinical trials of Stemplex Serum show that this process can be reversed, with a significant and visible decrease in wrinkle depth for every single one of the subjects. Those trialling the product saw a 15 per cent reduction in the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles after just one month of using the product, which also contains a number of other active ingredients which together have a unique and powerful anti-ageing effect. In addition to preventing and decreasing wrinkles, the new serum has an immediate tightening effect on the skin, enhances skin tone, preserves a youthful appearance, and protects the longevity of your own skin’s stem cells. Over a breakfast at boutique hotel Mollie’s I got to lather the serum on the back of my hand, and noticed straight away that its lightweight texture absorbs incredibly easily, which is rare for a serum of this one’s strength. It is also suitable for use from early twenties and for most skin types, including those that suffer from conditions like ultra sensitivity, eczema and psoriasis. Last but not least, Stemplex Serum has never been tested on animals and is also paraben free. The 30ml airless pump dispenser is available from Nimue Skin Technology stockists worldwide.


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