Daily delight: essie's magical Ridge Filler

When it comes to those in the know on the East Coast of the USA, essie is the only nail brand to be sporting, and for a plethora of good reasons. As well as being free of nasties and available in around 250 colours, it is also a company dedicated to correcting rather than masking problems from the wrist down, and has a team dedicated to creating a raft of products to help fix whatever ails you. One of those products is their much-applauded Ridge Filler, which is the East Coast woman’s base coat of choice for acrylics, gels and wraps.
Now available worldwide, it’s what you reach for when you need a solution to ridge-ridden nails, which can be caused by everything from radiation therapy to pregnancy. Many women suffering from ridged nails put off having a manicure as they don’t see the point, but one coat of this and you’re ready to face even the richest of shades.
So what does it do? Fills in all imperfections, leaving the nail surface smooth and ready for polish. This unique formula is great for artificial nails as well, and leaves the nail bed super smooth.

 Apply as a base coat, then apply two coats of essie nail polish. Finish by applying an essie top coat and some of their quick drying drops and you’re ready for anything. Thanks essie!


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