My introduction to Phyt's - and their truly blissful Multi Vitamin Facial

One of many delicious things I indulged in during my week at Gwinganna was a Phyt's facial, which was a first for me. The surroundings were spectacular - their 33 room spa is the biggest in Australasia and built around three historic gum trees - and my therapist was a veritable angel named Katie Dawson. For a little background, Phyt's is a beautiful range of certified organic skin care and beauty products developed in France by Phyt's Laboratories, an environmentally and socially conscientious skin care company that specialise in creating effective, natural skincare utilising the actives found in nature, with products designed for use in spa and salon treatments as well as at home for personal use. The award-winning company believes that nature is the origin of effective skin care, and they are amongst the most ethical in the business. The entire range is based on the power of a complex synergy of plants, flowers, leaves, bark, oils, vitamins and trace minerals to 'turn the lights on' in the active layers of the skin, providing the cells everything they need to perfect a healthy, smooth and glowing complexion. It goes without saying that their products contain only 100 per cent natural ingredients - there's no synthetic preservation, no artificial fragrance, no colouring agents, no GMO, no synthetic ingredients and are not tested on animals. They also hold a COSMEBIO certification, and the conditions for holding this label require 95 per cent of the ingredients of natural origin. It authorises 5 per cent of certain products of synthesis, and to date, it's the most demanding label. It speaks volumes that Phyt's refuses to use this 5 per cent of chemical ingredients and is committed to deliver a product range constituted of purely natural origin ingredients. Great stuff! But back to my stupendously delicious treatment, which was called a Multi Vitamin facial and lasted a blissful 8- minutes. The king of all treatments, this facial utilises ingredients to suit all mature skin lacking in tonicity to diminish visible signs of fine lines and really get your inner glow cranking. Lifting and firming, moisturising and oxygenating, it also included a neck and shoulder massage - and let me tell you, this was the real deal as Katie had incredible hands - and a foot and lower leg rub to really get you blissful. I nodded off for a bit it was so relaxing, only to wake with truly sparkling skin. The lemon and verbena scented cleanser was even a highlight - usually a pretty perfunctory step in your average facial - and I packed one in my bag when I went home. Highly recommended and hopefully for me, to be repeated again one day!


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