Daily delight: Methven's Bliss Hydrating Body Bar

For a cheap n’ cheerful pick me up I highly recommend Bliss Hydrating Body Bar, a delicate little product that has been created by those masters of all things “showery”, Methven. They created my fabulous Maia showerhead so can do no wrong in my book, and when I ripped into this little packet of goodness this morning it was clear that they perhaps never will. Infused with a unique combination of Jasmine and Ylang ylang, it also contains Olive Oil and Coconut oil to cleanse and hydrate, effectively preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance. In addition, it uses native New Zealand botanicals Harekeke, Kowhai and Kawakawa to hydrate, balance and tone you all over. Each Body Bar is handcrafted too, making for one rather special little treat.


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