Beauty steal: the $9 REVLON tool taking over our feeds

I first tried dermaplaning a few years ago, and was literally shook with the results. The smoothest, baby-soft skin in years, and makeup application that looked akin to a filter – it was that seamless! A professional dermaplaning appointment is the dream, but we don’t all have the time - nor the budget – to indulge on a regular basis.
Thankfully, the wonderful people at REVLON created the Face Defuzzer - the $9 item to add to your bathroom shelf that even the experts claim creates instantly visible results. With blades made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel and narrow enough to even use for shaping eyebrows, it comes in a handy two-pack at Chemist Warehouse and Farmers and is as precise as it gets.
Key to getting those aforementioned killer results lies in knowing how to wield the Defuzzer like a pro, which is where REVLON expert Nica Marcello comes in with the official low down…

Why is dermaplaning taking over the beauty world? And my TikTok feed….
It literally creates instant and visible results. Dermaplaning can provide immediate results in terms of smoother, softer skin and a radiant complexion, which can be appealing to many people.
It allows for better and smoother makeup application. Makeup often goes on more smoothly after dermaplaning because it removes the layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz that can interfere with a flawless application.
It’s non-invasive and no chemicals are involved. Dermaplaning is considered a non-invasive procedure that doesn't involve chemicals, making it an attractive option for those who prefer minimal risks. And unlike more intensive procedures, there's generally no downtime associated with dermaplaning.

What is the best (and safest) way to defuzz (official term derma blade) your face?
Always ensure that you thoroughly cleanse your face first to get rid of any makeup, oils, or impurities. Use alcohol or a suitable disinfectant to sterilise the dermaplaning tool, and make sure your face is completely dry before proceeding. 
Hold the dermaplaning tool at a 45-degree angle and gently and slowly move it across your skin in short, downward strokes, stretching your skin taut with your free hand to create a flat surface for the blade. Wipe the blade with a tissue after each pass and be extra careful around sensitive areas like the eyes and nose. And avoid going over the same area too many times: One or two passes should be sufficient for most areas. Over-exfoliating can lead to irritation.
Lastly, wipe the blade clean with a tissue or cloth and re-sterilise it. After dermaplaning, apply a gentle moisturiser and sunscreen to protect your newly exposed skin.

How do beauty tools help to create the perfect base?
Beauty tools play a significant role in helping to create the perfect base for makeup application. These tools are designed to assist in achieving a flawless and even complexion, which is crucial for a polished makeup look. At Revlon we have three key beauty tools - the Revlon Volcanic Roller, the Revlon Jade Facial Roller and the Revlon Face DeFuzzers.

REVLON expert, Nica Marcello

So there you have it. I highly recommend that you grab this affordable beauty tool for yourself, and reap the benefits! And here's the DeFuzzer in action on TikTok for some truly satisfying content.


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