All about: the return of Faceworks cult Gentle Cleanser

One of my favourite skincare products, I just can’t get enough of cleansers – be they in cream, oil, balm or milk form, every cleanser has its place and a time of year when it comes into its own.There are few things I love more than taking off makeup at the end of the day (or night), and your choice of cleanser can make a real difference to how easily that happens, and how good your skin feels afterwards. Cleansers help create the perfect clean slate for the serums, oils or moisturiser to follow, and a wardrobe of heavenly formulas coupled with a ritual approach just may be the ultimate in skincare self-care.Once summer rolls around, you can lay the heavier cleansers to one side, and instead reach for a gentle formula that will help take off the remains of the day but also not strip the skin of the good stuff. This is where Faceworks cult Gentle Cleanser comes in, an in-demand formula that was sold out for more than a few months but is now thankfully back in stock and bringing the glow to its plethora of diehard fans.FaceWorks is one of the oldest and most trusted names in appearance medicine in Aotearoa, and was established on Auckland’s North Shore in 1998 by one of New Zealand’s most experienced cosmetic physicians, Dr Teresa Cattin. Regarded as a centre of excellence for appearance medicine and skin rejuvenation treatments, when Faceworks launched its own skincare range many years ago it was always going to be a carefully considered wonder – a line-up of high performing essentials with zero fluff and filler that fit seamlessly into any daily routine.
The Gentle Cleanser fits that brief perfectly, and is the perfect natural alternative to soap for dry or sensitised skin thanks to ingredients like sweet almond oil to soften and moisturise as it cleanses. It can be used morning and night, with just a little amount required and easily rinsed off with warm water and a sponge or muslin cloth. Incredibly affordable at well under $40 for a bottle, it’s one of those quiet but highly effective products doing the hard yards in your routine that once you use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
If this sounds like the perfect addition to your beauty regimen as we head into the hot, sticky days of summer, you can order your very own bottle here. You won’t be disappointed.


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