Iconic French brand, VIOLETTE_FR, is now available exclusively at MECCA

“Makeup is supposed to celebrate yourself. It’s not supposed to disguise, it’s not supposed to fix. It’s like your foundation, and this is how to accept and love who you are. So makeup, to me, is not about looking like everyone else. It’s [about] the idea that you’re really unique and special.”


The above quote from French makeup artist Violette Serrat, the creator of the modern beauty phenom that is VIOLETTE_FR, is one that really resonates with me. Despite being a nineties teen and twenty-something when beauty ‘rules’ were rigid and strictly adhered to, I’ve always seen makeup as a space to have fun and feel your best self, rather than being a tool to hide your perceived flaws. It’s a philosophy that has seen the VIOLETTE_FR brand soar and be embraced by people of all ages and races around the world, and finally – FINALLY! – it’s available Down Under thanks to the clever clogs at MECCA.
Serrat herself is the daughter of a famous French hairstylist and hair and makeup agent, who spent her formative years on set with iconic photographers like Paolo Roversi and Mario Testino, observing the creative alchemy that unfolds on a fashion shoot. After high school, she set out to be a painter, enrolling in the prestigious École de Louvre in Paris, but quickly realised that not only was her glamorous early education in the fashion world hard to top, but she also preferred her canvas to be a living thing.

After creating looks for top magazine editorials, doing product development for Sephora, and serving as creative director for prestige brands including Dior and Esteé Lauder, the Parisian makeup artist (above) launched her own brand in 2021. With the mission of celebrating individuality, creativity, and self-expression – balancing natural minimalism with bold statements to express every beauty mood – it was an instant hit, and Violette herself still preaches the message that there’s beauty in imperfection, that makeup is a tool of self-love, and that artistry is for everyone.
“Our differences, our weirdness, our ‘je ne sais quoi’ is what makes each of us who we are and that is beautiful,” she says. “Rather than beauty trends, I believe in using skincare and makeup as a mood lifter, to help you feel however you want to feel in that moment.”

The collection spans skincare, makeup, hair, and fragrance, and is cruelty-free and formulated with vegan, clean ingredients in accordance with European Union standards. I love that it is packed with multi-purpose products that are easy to use and don't contribute to the excessive waste produced by many in the beauty industry, and as for the packaging? Beyond chic and more than welcome in my kit.
VIOLETTE_FR has launched at MECCA with a curated edit featuring nine innovative products spanning six categories, including fragrance, hair, lip, eyes, complexion, and skin. Each product is meticulously created to complete, not to compete with other brands, and yes the line-up includes cult hit, Boum-Boum Milk, award-winning Yeux Paint, and fan-favourite Bisou Balm.

My picks thus far from the line-up are most definitely the above, with Boum Boum Milk doing everything it promises to do and more! It will be in my carry on when I head to Europe next week for sure, delivering major hydration and just making my skin feel… well, lush! I’ve already gone in store and purchased additional shades of Yeux Paint as I’m so in love with the performance and multi-use nature of the product, but despite my best efforts I have not managed to secure my own Petal Bouche – which sold out in hours and is still waiting to be re-stocked. I might have to wait a week til I’m in Paris and can finally get my hands on a tube! Inspired by Violette’s visit to the rose gardens at Jardin Bagatelle in Paris, Petal Bouche aims to replicate the unique qualities of a rose in its velvety texture, colour intensity, dramatic depth, and suppleness. The creamy formula glides on effortlessly with a weightless, comfortable feel for all-day wear without transferring or feathering. The couture shades push the boundaries, hovering between dark and bright, warm and cool for a touch of vavavoom. Basically, I need it in my life.

If you do too, VIOLETTE_FR is now available exclusively at select MECCA stores across Australia and New Zealand and online. My final advice? Get in quick!


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