Beauty review: Murad’s Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment

Over a midweek three course lunch inspired by the product launch, I was introduced to Murad’s brand newest release: Retinal Resculpt Overnight Treatment. Hosted by Katy Bacon, Murad’s Asia Pacific Educator, it was super informative and a very nice way to while away and afternoon, but as for the product itself? I am seriously impressed.
I’m a believer that every single person over the age of 25 should be using some form of retinoid to optimise their skin health —and pretty much every skin specialist will agree with me. The vitamin A derivative is an anti-aging powerhouse that speeds up cell turnover, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts collagen. But one benefit you don’t usually see listed on the label? The ability to sculpt, which is in part why Murad’s brand-spanking-new Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment, which starts working in as little as two weeks, is a bright new shining star on the block.
A true retinoid is generally prescription only, and if you want to buy something over the counter to address your concerns, you pretty much have two options: retinol and retinal. The latter, which is used in Murad’s new product, has been clinically proven to work nearly 11 times faster than traditional retinol, and I am here for it.

There are plenty of great retinal products already on the market, but the differentiating factor between those products and Murad’s is the delivery system. The retinal in Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment is encapsulated in a special delivery system for enhanced stability and targeted delivery deep within the skin’s surface, allowing for 2.5 times more effectiveness versus free retinal. To put it simply, the encapsulation protects the power of the retinal until it works its way all the way down to the spot in the skin where retinoid receptors are located. The encapsulate used for the formula is a highly specialised liposome, custom designed for retinal, to not only help drive it deeper into the skin but to target its release where it is most needed.
Kangaroo paw flower extract is another ingredient key to the product’s efficacy as it helps improve the appearance of sagging skin and smooths wrinkles, giving a sculpted and lifted look to the skin. It’s rich in ferulic acid, which has been proven to firm the skin, and as a result, tighten the area along the jawline.
The pharmaceutical-like encapsulation is also key to Murad’s retinal being inherently less irritating than a prescription option, as the process minimises your chance for dryness, redness, and flaking. The latter is why I’ve often given up on so many retinoid-driven releases, because honestly – who can be bothered with looking grim when there is always a solution available somewhere out there? The product also contains a handful of calming, soothing, and hydrating ingredients to mitigate the drying effects like olive leaf extract, oat lipids, and alpha glucan to support skin’s resilience, boost moisture and restore the skin’s barrier.
As aforementioned, I test new skincare products sparingly - I'm not trying to live in a constant state of redness and irritation - but when I came away from lunch with a sample of the Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment, I decided to give it a real go. Thus far – zero irritation, beautifully even skin texture and tone and (I think) a little sculpted lift exactly where it’s needed. I am also loving having a single product to apply at night, with just a little extra moisture added on colder nights when my skin is feeling thirsty. Impressed? I sure am, and look forward to seeing even more results as the weeks roll on.

Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment, $199, is available now.


  1. I love the idea of this. Would love even skin tone.


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