Beauty news: Happy birthday OFF & ON, and welcome to The Colour Bar

You know how sometimes a place becomes so familiar to you that you forget how great it is? That is how I often get with OFF & ON, where I have headed to over the years for many a bikini wax and a brow shape, and also a series of laser hair removal sessions that literally changed my life! They are a specialist beauty destination as opposed to a beauty therapy business, and I love how the experts at all of their locations tailor your laser, waxing treatment, brow work and injectables specifically to you, and take into account anything you may have going on in your life – say pregnancy, stress – and treat you accordingly. They also stock a huge range of aftercare products and brow and lash kits etc, and are more than happy to show you the ropes and make sure that you’re taking care of things in the best possible way.
In huge news, this month, OFF & ON celebrates its 15-year anniversary! Since opening its doors in 2008 with a single store in Newmarket, OFF & ON has expanded its presence and established six successful stores nationwide. What started as a modest offering of brows and waxing services has grown into a beauty destination, with OFF & ON now providing a wide range of services, including brows, waxing, laser treatments, semi-permanent makeup, injectables, and dermal needling. This evolution reflects OFF & ON's commitment to staying at the forefront of the beauty industry and catering to the evolving needs of its loyal clients.

"The driving force behind OFF & ON has always been - if you are not moving forwards, you are moving backward - we are a company built on innovation,” shares Claire Weathers, OFF & ON’s General Manager. “OFF & ON dares to be different and pushes the old norms of the beauty industry. Rather than spreading far and wide we’ve always focused on specialisation and honing our craft, delivering a premium customer experience and service through our team of experts.”
In OFF & ON’s pursuit of innovation and delivering premium beauty maintenance solutions, they are excited to introduce the forthcoming launch of the Colour Bar - a move to recognise that colour is the uncelebrated champion of the brow and elevating the art of brow personalisation to new heights.
Within the idea of the Colour Bar, OFF & ON’s highly skilled brow artists hold a diverse range of colour combinations, enabling them to seamlessly tailor to each individual's distinct preferences and requirements. The brow artists will collaborate closely with clients and use new systems and its range of colour combinations to achieve the ultimate brow shade that harmonises with their features as well as answer their brow concerns.
The Colour Bar introduces a three-pronged approach.
1. The Tint: Offering a balance between a natural look with extended longevity, the tint system is the perfect entry into colour that delicately enriches brow colour. Ideal for those who wish to enhance their brow colour while maintaining a versatile look that caters to various occasions and styles.
2. The Stain: For those who seek enduring fullness and symmetry, OFF & ON’s stain system offers a solution that deeply tints the brow hairs, creating a more voluminous and pronounced appearance. This option is perfect for individuals who desire long-lasting results, ensuring their brows remain defined throughout their daily activities.
3. The Henna: OFF & ON’s henna system employs natural henna dye to encapsulate the brows with a temporary colour. This option caters to all ages, whether one seeks to embrace a bold and adventurous appearance or cover those pesky grey strands.

As OFF & ON are stepping into this new era of personalisation, the Colour Bar stands to empower the client to define their own style, accentuate their own features and address their concerns. With over 135 different customisations available, you can rest assured that you’ll never just be dark brown!

To find out more, head to their website here.


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