Wellness news: BePure introduces game-changing new protein powders

A product once associated solely with boring gym bros and bulky muscles, protein powder is a non-negotiable in my daily routine, and that has amped up even more as I’ve gotten older. An essential for healthy ageing, the hashtag #protein has even clocked up over 6.2 billion views ok TikTok – evidence that I’m not the only one on the protein train!
However as aforementioned, it’s typically associated with oversized tubs, naff branding and rippling torsos and—if you’re not a hardcore gym-goer or athlete—it’s often intimidating. This is where the two newest releases from BePure comes in: two premium protein powders - BePure Good Gut Protein and BePure Perfect Protein – that are here to redefine the category and more.
Recent studies (based on older adults with a sedentary lifestyle) have found the average human needs a minimum of 1.2g of protein per kg daily. For the non-sedentary human this climbs to 1.4-1.6g/kg of body weight and for athletes this can increase to 1.6-2.2g/kg/body weight. Most people don’t consume anywhere near these quantities, and a protein powder provides the extra assurance you’re getting enough into your day to look and feel your best.

And like all things supplement and supplement-adjacent, when I’m looking for a protein powder, I want a high quality one from a brand I trust, not just the cheapest, giant tub in the chemist or health store bargain bin. Lisa Walker, leading health specialist and clinic manager at BePure says: “Protein powder is great but not all are created equal. There’s so much disparity between brands, which many people aren’t aware of.”
“We searched high and low for a dairy-free protein powder that checked all the boxes a quality protein should and there were none we could find,” explains Walker, so the always-inspiring company set about making their own.
The BePure Protein Powder range is made from non-GMO golden pea protein, with added BCAAs and methionine for a complete protein profile, providing the essential amino acids that are missing from most non-whey protein powders. For those with dairy intolerances or sensitivities, whey can cause gut discomfort, skin breakouts, increased gas, and bloating. In more good news, BePure Protein Powders have all the benefits of whey but none of the unwanted effects of dairy.

BePure Protein Powders also have a minimum of 27g of protein per serve - most plant-based protein powders have under 20g – as well as the likes of 3g of Glycine or 10g of Collagen peptides. BePure Good Gut Protein contains 2 billion CFU of Bacillus Coagulans - a powerful probiotic shown to promote good gut health and digestive wellbeing, while both variants are available in chocolate and vanilla – naturally sweetened with monk fruit, natural cocoa and vanilla.
As well as all of the above, I personally love that they come sustainably packaged in glass with refill options, and as someone who has suffered with gut issues since I was a baby, I have fallen hard for the Good Gut Protein option since trying it in my daily shake over the past few weeks. It tastes delicious (I’m loving the vanilla thus far), and the fact that it comes with the health and wellness knowledge bank at BePure to back it up has seen me fall hard and fast for these fresh new releases.
BePure Good Gut Protein and Perfect Protein are available online and in store now, and come highly recommended.


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