Beauty review: Westman Atelier’s Vital Skincare Complexion Drops

The older I get, the smarter I get when it comes to my makeup base – less is definitely more, but I need high performing products that flatter as well as feeling lighter than air on the skin. This is where a skincare-makeup hybrid formula is the absolute MVP, and the latest I have tried is an elegant little wonder.
Called Vital Skincare Complexion Drops, it’s the latest release from Westman Atelier and it has got me good. Soon to arrive at MECCA and an absolute dream for those who like it light like myself, the drops are like a beautiful skin tint that blurs and enhances exactly where you need it to.
For those unfamiliar with the category, a good skin tint is the no-fuss, laid back sister to foundation, and can often be the key to pulling off a minimal-yet-still-polished makeup look. Or as TikTokers call it: the “clean girl aesthetic”. Vital Skincare Complexion Drops are almost a serum skin tint hybrid, and boast instant hydration and a dewy finish along with long term skin benefits including firming and brightening.

Westman Atelier brand founder and makeup artist, Gucci Westman (above) says she was inspired to create "potent skin care that would act like makeup", and it took four years to formulate the 20 shades. Key ingredients in the formula include tsubaki (a.k.a. camellia japonica) oil, ginseng extract, and pomegranate oil. All of the above have benefits like anti-inflammatory effects and protection against hyperpigmentation and collagen breakdown, and Gucci say she loves “these complexion drops for everyday use because they give light-to-medium coverage while still being breathable”.
Unlike typical foundation that is meant to sit on top of the skin, and skincare products designed to be absorbed, the drops fall somewhere in the middle — lightweight hydration with subtle, buildable coverage. They apply similarly to a sheer, tinted moisturiser, and the finish is definitely more on the glow-y, dewy side. If you have oily skin or like a matte foundation or heavy coverage, this is not the product for you, but my dry to combination skin just lapped it up. On humid days I’ve been setting it well with Westman Atelier’s pressed powder, and as the product is buildable, I’ve learnt to start small and add extra where needed.
I’ve also learnt to shake the (very chic) bottle well before use, and to apply 2-3 drops using just my fingers. You can follow up with a foundation stick or concealer in the areas that call for more coverage — under the eyes, or over any dark spots – applied with a small blending brush and again, set with a little powder.

The verdict? I have absolutely loved playing with this formula, which I think will really come into its own as the temperature cools and my skin grabs onto any extra moisture it can get.
These babies are coming soon to a MECCA near you, and come highly recommended.


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