Beauty review: Kérastase Fresh Affair

“What was life like before you discovered dry shampoo?” an Allure magazine story once asked, with the reply: “sad, lifeless, and perpetually ponytailed, we bet”. That was most definitely me, and over the years I have become somewhat of a dry shampoo connoisseur, rating the best and the worst and coming up with a very short list of favourites. Well that list has just expanded, with the arrival of Kérastase Fresh Affair dry shampoo.
First, it's nothing new to rave about dry shampoos and texturising sprays and the like – they are a fixture in pretty much every bathroom cabinet, and with good reason. I’ve long been a heavy user of dry shampoo and hair dusts and powders, mainly because I don’t like washing my own hair (First World Problems, I know) and also because I have a fringe that necessitates frequent re-booting. I got to the gym six days a week and they are a godsend for a greasy fringe and roots, perhaps the perfect product. And after a week playing with Fresh Affair post-facial and spin class I have to say it is an absolute winner, and for so many reasons.
I was in Queenstown and then lockdown last year so missed the official launch of this beauty, but now I’ve got my hands on a can I can confidently say it was sooooo worth the wait. Formulated with a Vitamin E derivative that acts as a deep moisturiser, reduces hair breakage and helps fight against oxidative aggressors, as well as dry shampoo hero, rice starch, the new release is the perfect balance of action and care. Rice starch is frequently used in dry shampoo because of its ability to add volume and freshen lank hair by quickly sopping up excess oil on the scalp, but the addition of Vitamin E means that Fresh Affair does this without stripping the barrier of your scalp. The ultra-fine powder formula instantly absorbs excess oil to refresh all types of hair and roots, leaving a lightweight, clean feel, and neroli fragrance notes are long lasting but never overpowering. I love that the formula is also silicone free, which always gets a big tick from me.
Great for second-day hair, post workout touch ups and whenever you're in need of a quick refresh, you can also use Fresh Affair as a blow-dry extender to prevent oily roots, or before going to bed to assure overnight oil absorption. It also works on all hair colours, but if you have darker hair be sure to run your fingers or a brush over your scalp after application just in case there’s any residue. Fresh Affair is formulated to be translucent, but I always say double check especially if you have black or dark brown locks.
Kérastase Fresh Affair is available now with an RRP of $47, and comes highly recommended.


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