Beauty news: GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES launches limited edition Summer Collection Duo

Just in time for high summer – and as a great distraction from the global chaos happening IRL - GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES have dropped an eclectic collection of two fine fragrances with a neon 80’s vibe that takes us back to a simpler time. The brand’s first gourmand duo, the limited edition pair is made up of Pool Party and Pretty in Pink, and they are most definitely dressed to have fun.The official release announcing the duo sets the scene as such: “Ice clinks in fruity drinks as the glamorous pool party kicks off. Think backcombed hair, scrunchies and 80’s band hits. Guests sip on never ending fruity cocktails decorated with maraschino cherries whilst they recline poolside dressed in neon one pieces. Sweet Dreams are certainly made of these!”
Nicole Eckels, Founder of GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES, says: “Of all seasons, Summer is the standout. Many of our most joyful, electric moments happen in Summer. So, we work to create scents that capture feelings and in particular parties and being poolside. This limited-edition Summer Duo includes two brand new fine fragrances. Both are artful and distinctive, and I think some of our best work.”

Artist Sarah Fordham was the woman in charge of the party-friendly vibe that covers both candles, after Nicole visited her studio. Born in San Francisco and raised in Sydney, Sarah Fordham is an artist and designer who creates artworks and objects in her trademark vibrant colour palette. With graphic designs in pops of neon that feature on the vessels as well as the box packaging featuring bespoke typography, it is clearly a match made in heaven. “As Nicole described these new scents she was developing,” says Sarah, “this in turn inspired the design of these summery concepts through the pink and blue colour schemes. I think final designs speak to the fun of sunny days. A painter by trade, Fordham’s new design range (SAFO) fulfils a long-held dream to share her original imagery through homewares and accessories.

So what of the scents? Pool Party is a gourmand based around pink orchid and rhubarb, and a delicious combo that results in a zingy, fruity, marine fine fragrance. Notes include cassis bud, mandarin, jasmine, lily and peach, making a real cocktail for the senses.
Pretty in Pink is designed to evoke 80s girl bands and packed dancefloors, with marzipan and cherries the super sweet starting point. The truly outrageous, fine fragrance is completely unforgettable, a creamy and sophisticated gourmand scent.
Both Pool Party and Pretty in Pink are available right now with an RRP of $59.99, and coming to a brightly striped cabana near you!


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