All about: Clean, luxurious New Zealand bodycare brand, Tronque

I have long been all about taking care of your skin from the neck down, and as someone who has significant scarring from multiple surgeries post-cancer, I’m all about searching for bodycare products that go far further than just a little moisturisation.
So with all that in mind, it’s no surprise that I was super excited to hear more about new New Zealand bodycare brand Tronque, which launched this week with a range of luxurious, clean, face-worthy skincare products created with every body in mind.
Over a very informative Zoom I was introduced to the brand’s founder, Tanné Snowden, who recounted her personal struggle with her reproductive health and the deep dive she did into skin and bodycare ingredients as a result. Whilst recovering from surgery, Tanné found that her skincare products contained toxic ingredients proven to disrupt hormones and the human endocrine system, a discovery I also went through when I fell pregnant and re-evaluated everything in my regime.
The discovery saw Tanné set out to create her very own product range guided by a philosophy of total transparency and sustainability, and the end result is the very luxe yet clean, Tronque. The brand makes no compromises and uses no endocrine disruptors, while all packaging is fully compostable or recyclable. Tanné says the face has been done over and over again and the body is usually an afterthought, but Tronque is here to challenge the status quo.

Rich as Croesus Firming Butter

Launching with three powerfully formulated products that were two years in development, the Tronque range includes a body butter, scar concentrate and chemical exfoliant. The Rich as Croesus Firming Butter is rich in vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes and absolutely lush to use, working hard to renew elasticity and deeply revitalise dry, damaged areas. It has a gorgeous soufflé-like texture, and velvety shea, cacao, mango and avocado butters mean it truly glides on like a dream

Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum 

The Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum – which can be cocktailed with the body butter - gently resurfaces and refines skin, without scrubbing, drying or irritation. A combination of natural ingredients provides a gentle chemical exfoliation and deep penetration through the skin barrier for optimum cell renewal.

Soft Focus Scar Concentrate

The Soft Focus Scar Concentrate is a truly targeted treatment that can start to be used once any scar tape is removed. It combats uneven pigmentation with four high potency forms of stable, deeply penetrating Vitamin C, while a complex of 26 bioactive superfruits and antioxidants promote the formation of new tissue by increasing cell turnover and triggering collagen regeneration.
I’ve just started using all three products and am absolutely in love, and many will appreciated the very faint fragrance that means they don’t interfere with any scent you might be wearing throughout the day. There are also already more products in development, which given the premium nature of what is already on offer, is pretty exciting stuff!

With its philosophy of total transparency, from 2022 Tronque will use forever packaging, which will incorporate refills. The forever packaging allows the customer to buy the original vessel once and to top-up the product using refills. While still being a beautiful addition to any skincare collection, the refill packaging weighs less, creates a smaller footprint, is either fully recyclable or compostable, and will be lower priced than products in the original vessels. Outer packaging is also fully compostable or recyclable, with FSC-sourced vegetable inks.
Sound like a bit of you? Tronque is available right now online via and in select retailers nationwide. The range will also be available internationally in the USA and Europe from 2022, and comes highly recommended.


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