Beauty news: DECIEM rolls out the Slowvember initiative

Industry disruptor (and creators of some of my favourite formulas ever), DECIEM, is once again paving the way for a more sustainable Black Friday period with their annual Anti Black Friday campaign.
Black Friday is a time of year that celebrates hyperconsumerism and pressures panic stricken consumers into impulse purchase in order to secure a discount. It’s unpleasant but it happens, and every year it all appears a little more unseemly. DECIEM most definitely agree, and so for its third consecutive year, the company is taking back Black Friday by reimagining traditional sales periods and welcoming Slowvember, a journey into a new, gentle world, after an isolated year.
For ‘Slowvember’ DECIEM is welcoming back its 23 per cent saving across all brands and products for the entire month. However, expect things to be a little slower than usual. DECIEM’s month-long discount offers a human approach to discounting. Consumers will be encouraged to partake in a month of soothing and relaxing experiences across all channels, via calm activations in store, and across DECIEM’s online presence.
As a brand whose commitment to education revolutionised consumer purchasing habits, DECIEM’s Slowvember campaign will be centred on an education-first approach to shopping. Throughout Slowvember, customers will be given the opportunity to partake in personalised shopping experiences, as well as community-driven and engaging in-store experiences that allow consumers time to make considered purchases, alleviating the pressure of a small- windowed discount.

In previous years DECIEM had decided to close its doors on a day formerly known as Black Friday in a stance against hyperconsumerism. During a time where human connection has been limited, DECIEM stores will remain open but its tills will remain firmly closed, with no products available to purchase both in-store or online. Instead, November 26th will celebrate Take Back Black Friday, a day that offers time to focus on connections over transactions, encouraging mindful moments that bring people together and celebrates the beauty in slowing down.
Hyper Consumerism poses one of the biggest threats to our planet and DECIEM says they no longer feels comfortable being involved in a single day that is centred on encouraging unnecessary purchasing. Not only is the Earth feeling pressure due to increased demand for resources, but it is also overloaded with the by-product of human consumption.
As a company that is working hard to ensure it is minimising its impact on the earth, DECIEM believes that it seems counterproductive to take part in a day so heavily focused on overconsumption of things consumers simply do not need.
“As per the UN, should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles,” says Jackie Kankam, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at DECIEM. “We invite our audience to take a conscious approach to their purchases, taking the time across the month of November to shop and explore slowly, whilst ensuring they are purchasing items that work for them.”

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