All about: Kérastase's Blond Absolu range extension, Cicaextreme

“The more you dare, the more we care,” is the message that global haircare giant Kérastase is sending to the world’s blondes, to coincide with the arrival of an exciting new chapter in the brand’s Blond Absolu haircare story.
Blond Absolu is the number one professional blond range in the global beauty marketplace, and the new extension to the offering, which goes by the name Blond Absolu Cicaextreme, is designed for those that like to go fast and go hard, taking their towheaded-ness quite literally to the extreme.
After months of quarantine in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the world gasped on June 22 when iconic brunette Emily Ratajkowski unveiled a fresh new look. The Instagram queen had gone blonde, and seemingly overnight. Though the move was a shock to the public, Emily – a Kérastase ambassador, see above - had actually been thinking about the change for a long time, debating what the process would possibly do to her hair. This is where Cicaextreme came in, allowing maximum impact with zero damage.
Founded in 1964 by scientists at L’Oréal Advanced Research, Kérastase is now the number one professional haircare brand in the world, selling their luxurious products in over 37,000 salons in 65 countries. Their approach has always been about treating haircare with the same reverence as skincare, and creating product lines with ingredients equally as efficacious. With the help of Kérastase’s unique hair diagnosis and prescriptive approach, hairdressers are now able to understand the particular needs of all scalps and hair types, and the brand also created the first ever-personalised professional treatment – Fusio Dose. This has become so popular that today, a client reportedly experiences a Fusio Dose treatment in a salon around the world every six seconds.

But back to the new Blond Absolu range extension, Cicaextreme. Like any premium skincare collection worth its salt, Cicaextreme’s ingredient deck includes an upgraded duo of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates deeper than ever. It’s in every product in the trio of new offerings formulated for use in the crucial days after bleaching, leaving locks up to 94 per cent stronger and 85 per cent more hydrated – love that! Hyaluronic acid brings a plumping effect and a revitalised appearance to everything it touches, and here delivers deep-penetrating, hydrating nutrition to bleached, sensitised hair.
The new Hyaluronic Acid duo in Cicaextreme. features upgraded hydrating power via a special formulation of low- and high-weight molecules. The low-weight molecule is 50 times lighter, so it can deeply penetrate and hydrate the fibre. The high weight molecule plumps the fibre, so hair can recover elasticity and strength. The result is soft, nourished hair, even for the most extreme blondes. In addition, already proven in skincare, Edelweiss is included in the Cicaextreme formulas in a rich oil that softens and nourishes the fibre for shine and health. Its anti-oxidative powers protect hair from everyday damage.
The shampoo in the trio comes in the form of the luxuriously creamy Le Bain Cicaextreme. The rich, transformative shampoo- in-cream eliminates the blonde dilemma of cleansing vs. drying, introducing powerful moisturising actives right at the beginning of your routine. Inspired by the most luxurious skincare products, it arrives in a beautiful jar that begs to be on display, and contains 40 times more lipids than a classic shampoo!
Next up is Masque Cicaextreme, a deeply restorative treatment that takes post- procedural care to the extreme, providing indulgent, ultra-recovering care for extreme blondes. With our concentrated hyaluronic acid duo and edelweiss oil, Masque Cicaextreme reduces further breakage and keeps blonde hair strong and shiny—a must for bleach addicts and anyone who needs extra care.
Last up is the product I’ve fallen hard for, Huile Cicaextreme. A powerful, concentrated hair oil., it holds the key to total post-bleach recovery. Applied on wet hair as a shine booster, or on dry hair as a protectant style finisher, Huile Cicaextreme leaves hair 91 per cent stronger and six times shinier while sealing the cuticle and reducing split ends.

And naturally because we’re talking Kérastase, there is a customised Fusio Dose for those wanting to take care that step further when they visit the salon. Concentré [H.A] Ultra-violet is an add-on to the blonde care Fusio Dose treatment for an ultra-concentrated shot of moisturising hyaluronic acid and ultraviolet anti-brass agents. The powerful new duo instantly eliminates an amazing half of damage from bleaching accumulated over one year, whilst an instant dose of purple care keeps colour bright and balanced like never before. When I tried the new Cicaextreme Fusio Dose I hadn’t had my colour done for over three months, but instantly started fielding comments from people asking me how it looked so fresh – pretty impressive, and it let me put it off for a couple more weeks! (Don't tell my colourist)

Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme is available right now, and take it from this blonde – it comes highly recommended.


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