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If you know me well then you'll know aaaaaalllll about my obsession with scented candles, which I have a literal ‘wardrobe’ of, for want of a better word. I pick them up wherever I go, and always have one burning in my office by day and the lounge by night. And yes – I travel with one, because who doesn’t love filling a hotel room or lodge space with their favourite scent?
One I can’t get enough of over the autumn and winter months has been GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES’s Limited Edition ‘Fireside in Queenstown’, a cult favourite from 2020 that is back in all its glory. And it couldn’t have landed at a better time. When the New Zealand exclusive launched last year, it sold out faster than any other limited edition product and a wait list of over 2,000 ensued. Such was the demand that local stockists I spoke to were sending product around the world, home fragrance fans just couldn’t get enough. And yep, the hype was worth it – this beauty transported me down to the south in an instant, and I haven’t stopped indulging in some wick time with it ever since. Inspired and invigorating, ‘Fireside in Queenstown’ was designed to “capture majestic mountainscapes and a fire’s flickering flames at night”, and the warm and enveloping fragrance ignites the senses with notes of cinnamon, clove and sandalwood which roar to life with wild Orris and rich Guaiac Wood. It’s quite simply a fragrance as intense as a flickering fire, and as comforting as moments of après ski, mulled wine in hand…

But onto the newest from GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES: a sensational line up of artisan scents to earmark the brand’s 15th birthday - Sugar Coated. Scent superstar and founder, Nicole Eckels envisaged Sugar Coated as a nod to the brand’s long- standing best-selling scent, A Tahaa Affair. Part of the gourmand family, A Tahaa Affair is a celebration of the wonders found in food ingredients, sometimes fresh and fruity, but mostly sweet, decadent, and ready to party.
Synonymous with the gourmand scents found in the GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES collection, the Sugar Coated line-up also feature soutrageously indulgent fragrances with a sweet, scrumptious complexity. The range is designed especially for dessert lovers, doused in edible notes of creamy vanilla, buttery caramel, nutty praline, balanced with citrus and sugared fruit – just what your sweet tooth ordered.
Nicole says: “Live out your most outrageous food fantasies with our newest collection of six gourmand fragrances, where more is more. The debut fragrance of the range, Movie Night, was briefly released last year and went nuts, so we had to bring it back for this collection. Get ready to lose yourself in the most decadent scents.”
The Sugar Coated Collection is designed to be a six-course (fragrant) dessert degustation, taking those in its presence on an immersive and indulgent scent journey. Each of the six candles in the collection are uniquely formulated to elicit a different sensory experience, which beauty editors experienced alongside an actual six-course dessert degustation created by local sweet tooth Giapo at his city central ice cream haven.


MOVIE NIGHT - Scented as Caramel Popcorn and Choc Tops and one of GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES’ most popular candles to date. Lose yourself in an olfactive cinematic journey with swirls of vanilla ice-cream, decadent almond- topped waffle cones and caramelised popcorn. Dim the lights, it’s showtime.
PARTY ON - Scented as Birthday Cake and Sprinkles. Take a big slice out of life with the joyous exuberance of this meringue-like heady happiness of vanilla cake batter swirled with a touch of coconut and amber.
SWEET ENOUGH - Scented as Rich Salted Caramel. Savoury meets sweet with the dessert tray abundance of sticky, viscous Molasses, Butterscotch and caramelised everything, made just right.
RICH & FAMOUS - Scented as Iced Mocha. Drink in the rich nuances of chocolate, cream and coffee, as they waft with swirled-in spices and a decadent dash of rum and butterscotch, scents that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
BAKERY BINGE - Scented as Freshly Made Everything. The best of the bakery is all yours, with the wicked indulgence of trays of gooey pain au chocolat, piping hot bread oozing with melted butter and the addictive rush of cinnamon sugar.
ALL THE RED ONES - Scented as your Favourite Crimson Lollies. Satiate your sweet tooth and have it your way with the sugar high of big, bold pomegranate, guava, raspberries, cherries, and jam.

Like every other GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES collection, the capsule features a bespoke design, with each scent is beautifully housed in a striking iridescent glass vessel. Each fragrance has been delicately hand wicked, hand trimmed, and hand poured in Sydney at the GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES atelier.
The six scents are exclusive to the GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES e-commerce and are available now.


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