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New to the cult Pure Shots line-up and promising your glassiest glass skin yet, YSL’s Pure Shots Soft Polish Double Essence is a delicate formula that packs a serious punch.
A breakthrough bi-phase essence, it uses a clever combo of LHA and AHA acids to gently exfoliate and tighten pores, before Argan oil soothes and helps repair the barrier of your skin. The latter phase means it’s able to be used even if you have super sensitive skin like mine (patch test first, obviously), as we all deserve baby soft skin, am I right?
The 97 per cent aqueous phase of the essence includes the aforementioned up to 3 per cent acid cocktail of illuminating LHA and refining AHA for a soft yet efficient peeling action, then the oily phase (3 per cent) is enriched with Argan oil from Morocco to plump and moisturise the skin. The bi-phase solution brings extra comfort after the peeling phase.

“In the formula, the finest molecules of AHA and the perfect amount of LHA, working in synergy, provide a soft yet efficient peeling, suitable for daily use on the skin,” says Caroline Nègre, International Scientific Director for YSL. Natural Argan oil moisturises and plumps the skin for optimal comfort, while restoring the skin’s barrier.
I love that this new beauty refines and illuminates the skin by removing dead cells at its surface as well as unclogging pores and rendering them less visible, meaning light can more easily reflect on the smooth and refined skin. Glass skin, here we come.
Pure Shots Soft Polish Double Essence can be used as the first step in your daily skin care routine and in combination with the rest of the Pure Shots range for a brighter, radiant looking complexion. Apparently it is especially effective as a complement to the Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum, which has a regenerating formula enriched with moonlight cactus also in a bi-phase technology.
YSL Pure Shots Soft Polish Double Essence is available now at selected Farmers, department stores and pharmacies with an RRP of $121, and comes highly recommended.

Main photo Hong Nguyen on Unsplash


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