Beauty news: Two Hundred Doors joins the zero waste movement

I love all things beauty, but a recent report revealing that 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry shows that as an industry, it’s often not that pretty at all.
According to a European Union Green Paper on plastic waste, 80 per cent of plastic polluting the ocean comes from poor waste management on the land. For those of us committed to recycling in order to divert plastic from fragile environments, personal grooming products and everyday cosmetics can pose a real headache as they are often hard to recycle. However, when it comes to helping keep the planet clean, your beauty regime can be a great place to start.
Joining the ranks of beauty brands taking a new approach to sustainability is Dermalogica, who has said that by the end of 2020, 90% of all their packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable. And going forward, all paper and cartons will be FSC certified to be sustainable for forests. In early November I reported here on the debut of the brand’s Daily Microfoliant Refill, which is made with 92% less plastic, 95.6% less oil and 95.7% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the Daily Microfoliant canister, sifter and cap.
Two Hundred Doors is the New Zealand distributors of Dermalogica, and recently revealed that 15.5 million tonnes of waste was discarded in New Zealand last year – that’s the equivalent of 379,000 Boeing 737-800 Aeroplanes. Committed in helping reduce waste and be more sustainable, the company has partnered with resource recovery programme Sustainable Salons and are rolling out the programme across their nationwide network.
Sustainable Salons help salons achieve zero waste, reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community. Established in 2015, the initiative has already diverted 58,605kg of materials from landfill in New Zealand.
“We’re delighted to be leading the way in the beauty industry – being the first professional skincare brand to be rolling out Sustainable Salons across our network of professional skin centres in New Zealand,” says the always-inspiring Natasha Bourke, CEO of Two Hundred Doors. “Echoing Sir David Attenborough, we believe that our plastic is our responsibility, so we are committed to reducing our waste to cherish our planet. The Sustainable Salons partnership aligns with our values and gives our head office and Dermalogica skin centres the opportunity to divert up to 95 per cent of material waste used in skin centres from landfill.”
And not only does Sustainable Salons redirect all material waste for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions, they also give back to local communities. Over 50 per cent of their NZ depot team members are disabled, helping build stronger futures by providing purposeful work, and all proceeds from sold recycling are donated to KiwiHarvest, a charitable organisation dedicated to feeding the most vulnerable in our communities.
With other sustainability initiatives in the pipeline, Two Hundred Doors aims to lead the industry to a brighter future, which gets a huge tick from me x

Main photo by Spencer Backman on Unsplash


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