Talking beauty with Superette co-founder, Rickie Dee

Preternaturally stylish and always sporting a flawless beauty look on the ‘Gram to boot, Superette co-founder Rickie Dee is also a busy wife and mum who travels for business and puts in the hards yards to bring some of the world’s best brands to New Zealand. Marking 18 years in the business, Superette is on the cusp of opening newest store at Commercial Bay on June 11, so I had a chat to Rickie about beauty, the new store and the healing powers of massage…

You are in the midst of prep for the opening of your Commercial Bay store, which is super exciting! How will it be different from what Superette has done before?

We are so excited to be opening our Commercial Bay store! The new store is a fresh take on the Superette our customers know and love. DesignOffice has done an incredible job to combine our quintessential Superette style with amazing new textures, styles and colours.

Will it have a beauty offering?

The new store will house all of our beauty brands including Salt by Hendrix, MONDAY, Leif, Umberto Giannini and more amongst our curated collection of lifestyle goodies.

I know you are super hands on with what goes into the store, what are some of your key picks for Commercial Bay?

I love to be hands on in the buying for our stores. Commercial Bay is the first of our stores to have a few new brands to Superette including Manning Cartell, Esse Studios and Matin. As always we will have plenty of denim which I can never say no to! My current favourites are our Agolde Riley jeans.

With all of that going on, you stay looking so incredibly put together. What are some of your current faves for prepping and nourishing your skin?

I am a huge fan of Ultraceuticals products as find they really do give amazing results. I cleanse every morning with their Gel Cleanser, then use their Vitamin C+ Firming Serum followed by the Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser. In the evenings I pretty much follow suit with the same cleanser but sub out the SPF for an Ultra A Protection Serum.

You have stocked internal beauty lines in the store for some time, do you take any particular collagen supplements or green/beauty powders on the regular?

Totally! It’s something I’m really passionate about after seeing how my body has responded. It has become a bit of a ritual for me and I can’t go without The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Powder and Collagen Inner Beauty Boost in the morning and love using WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein and Super Elixir in my smoothies.

How would you describe your personal approach to beauty – minimalist, glam, glowy?

I’m all about the glow! With three kids at home and a hectic schedule I try to keep things as simple as possible so love using things like The Beauty Chef as easy additions to my beauty routine to get that lit from within glow.

What makeup item do you never leave home without?

Definitely something for my lips – depending on the day that can either be a good red lippy or a pretty nude.

Do you have a signature scent and if so, is there a story behind it?

I have always loved fragrance and have built up a bit of a collection over the years. I tend to lean towards musky, woody scents rather than anything super floral or feminine. A few that I always seem to come back to time and time again are Le Labo Santal 33, Dior Rose Kabuki, Byredo Unnamed and Ragdoll LA Ragdoll’s perfume oil in Sandalwood, Amber & Musk.

You always look deliciously bronzed. How do you protect your skin in the summer months? Or are you all about the faux glow?

I use Ultraceutical’s UV Protective Daily Moisturiser every day to protect my face and in the Summer I love using our Heinrich Barth Lightweight Sunscreen and Aftersun Moisturising Cream. If I’m feeling a little bit dull in the depths of winter I’ll use James Read or The Elle Effect to give myself a natural looking glow for events.

You are a businesswoman, wife and busy mum - how do you make time for yourself? Do you have any little rituals you can share?

Over the years I’ve really learnt the importance in taking time out just for me. An hour facial or massage does wonders for re-charging the batteries. I’m super lucky to have an amazing support system around me that allows me to take this time, it makes the world of difference!


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