Beauty review: M.A.C Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel

A key part of the Alexa Demie X M.A.C Cosmetics collection, the all new Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel aims to “boost your brow game”, one precious hair at a time. Does it do exactly what it says on the box? Read on and find out…
Promising to give brows a voluminous boost in a single swoop, it promises 24-hour hold and comes in eight very wearable colours. My life is far too boring to be out with a full face for 24 hours, but this baby does stack up nicely for at least twelve. You can use it for polished or expertly untamed looks as it gives brows a thicker-looking and fluffier look, mainly down to the small synthetic microfibres in the formula. This Tri-fibre technology means that they grab onto individual hairs and give them a boost, a bit like a great dry texture spray will do for fine hair. The formula is also waterproof and sweatproof, which I think will prove a major bonus in more humid climates and when our New Zealand summer rolls around again.
I love that this formula doesn’t flake all day long, but it definitely doesn’t ‘lock’ your brows into place like some other brow gels do. If you don’t mind a little flexibility it’s a great option, and the formula isn’t too ‘wet’ so it’s pretty foolproof even for a novice brow gel user.

Fling – taupe blonde
Tapered – midtone warm brunette
Brunette – true brunette
Stylized – cool light brunette
Lingering – cool muted brunette
Stud – deepest black brunette
Spiked – deep brunette
Strut – reddish brown

The sample I was given is Lingering, which is a little light for me as I like a dark brow. I could easily use it to create an ombré effect if I wanted to though, which is can help give a little depth to thinning brows.

Starting at the inner brows, brush upward and outward in short strokes, making sure to follow the direction of hair growth for a natural, effortless look. You can use the tip of the brush to use in any specific areas, and add an extra coat if a more untamed look is what you want to achieve.

I love the fact that M.A.C Cosmetics partnered with Euphoria breakout star Alexa Demie for this beauty campaign, and she does some great videos using elements of the lineup. And not only is the collection, called More Than Meets The Eye, a fitting choice for Demie, given the looks her character Maddy Perez and fellow castmates don in the hit HBO show, but it's a full-circle moment for the actress, who grew up going to work with her mother, a former M.A.C store employee and makeup artist.


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