Skin need a boost? Win high performance Rayna Skincare here

 Towards the end of last year I was having a particularly bad rosacea flare up, and was consequently having a proper old whinge about it to the always-knowledgeable Angela Frazer at Prescription Skincare in Ponsonby. The woman is a veritable powerhouse of information when it comes to skincare innovation and developments within the industry, and said, “have you tried Rayna Oil?”.
That lead to me doing exactly that, and Rayna Skincare’s Stem Cell & Lipid Active Oil literally transformed my skin from the first night I used it – which is no mean feat! And in the gentlest way possible too thanks to a ground-breaking synergetic blend of naturally derived stem cells, lipids, vitamins, omega acids and antioxidants. At its heart is the patented ingredient SWT-7TM, which was inspired by the breakthrough tissue engineering for the treatment of burn injuries. In clinical studies, this naturally derived self-regenerative stem cell technology has shown to stimulate growth factor production, epidermis regeneration and thickness and blur the appearance of vertical wrinkles in as little as seven days – told you it was impressive! It also includes Granactive retinol, the most bio-available and low irritating, non-prescription form of Vitamin-A clinically proven to reverse the effects of UV skin damage, continuous ageing and reduce acne symptoms. Even my rosacea-prone, super reactive skin took to this beauty like a duck to water, and I’ve been addicted ever since.
I went on to have lunch with Rayna Skincare founder, Eva Evguenieva and co-director Natasha MacLeod, and their passion for their brand is seriously infectious. They look at each carefully-researched release as being a marriage between pure, active ingredients and cutting-edge cosmetic chemistry, “and that helps us keep our promise to deliver scientifically advanced, high-performance products with ingredients derived directly from Mother Nature”. Their breakthrough formulas are potent yet non-toxic and less irritating concoctions that seriously perform, and using only high-grade, research-backed ingredients to deliver outstanding results. Zero nasties, maximum efficacy – it doesn’t get much better than that.
With all that in mind, I have a bottle of Rayna Skincare Stem Cell & Lipid Active Oil to giveaway, valued at $165.00. All you have to do is email with your best courier address and RAYNA in the subject line. Entries close 5pm, April 30, 2020 and are only open to New Zealand residents.


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