Everything’s coming up roses (I promise)

When I was born I didn’t immediately have a name, mainly due to the fact that my parents were convinced I was going to be a boy and quite clearly, I wasn’t. So for the first few months of my life I was ‘Rosebud’, a nickname given to me by the nurses in the hospital where I was born. It lead to a lifelong love of roses of all kinds, and a particular affinity with the scent of rose, which surrounds me with warmth and good vibes every time it wafts my way.
I am a huge fan of using rose essential oil in skincare too, epitomised by my latest routine that is composed largely of rose-dependant products. Many are from MV Organic Skincare, an award-winning Australian brand created by the always-inspiring Sharon McGlinchey.
Sharon told me that she first fell in love with the idea of incorporating rose essential oil into her products after reading a book by renowned aromatherapist, Jean Rose. A self-taught aromatherapist, she says it was the latter who really got her excited about rose oil. “I didn't need anyone to twist my arm though ,” she added, “as I grew up in a house with an aromatic rose garden that had been planted decades earlier by a rose enthusiast. I actually fell in love with the heady scent of old fashioned (David Austin) roses around the ripe old age of eight.”
Apart from its intoxicating scent, rose has a myriad of beneficial properties for the skin that include addressing dehydration, high colour, sensitivity and hormonal issues, not to mention its soothing, strengthening and restorative effects post-procedure. At MV they take treating sensitive skin very seriously, which is why they use steam distilled Rose Otto as opposed to Absolute, ensuring there is no alcohol residue present that could irritate delicate types like me. Using their multi-award winning Rose Plus Booster has been a godsend when it comes to keeping my rosacea at bay, and the incredible-smelling formula is the most potent ‘oil concentrate’ in the range. Rose is used in a very high percentage to help strengthen the skin where it has been traumatised either accidentally (e.g. sun burn) or intentionally (peels, laser etc), and it is just delicious when layered over their Rose Hydrating Mist, which calms the skin as well as the mind and has been in high rotate in my house over the last few weeks.

In the world of aromatherapy rose is invaluable in easing grief, sadness and mild depression, making it such a healer for use right now. With that in mind, some of my other rose-scented favourites from the world of beauty are…


Aesop products never fail to deliver when it comes to the mind and the body, and this concentrated blend of precious plant extracts gives your skin a potent dose of vitamins and fatty acids. Suitable for normal to dry and extremely dry, distressed skin, it feels like heaven to apply and is a beautiful choice in the lead up to winter if you’re feeling the change in season.


An award-winning preparation, this New Zealand made beauty from Christchurch skincare maven Clemency Alice blends the floral harvest of exotic Morrocan, Bulgarian and Egyptian rose with an exhale of opalescent jasmine. Wrapped in oil from the fruit seeds of the Japanese camellia flower, it is suitable for all skin types - including delicate and sensitive – and works to restore the skin’s lipid barrier whilst giving it a youthful, restorative glow. You can also add a single drop to any liquid foundation for extra hydration as the temperature drops.


One of my long-time loves, Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile soaps are good for just about any cleaning task. Face, body, hair, pets – they can get clean ASAP with no need for synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents. This one makes for a brilliant makeup brush cleanser too, leaving your brushes super soft and delicately scented.


Available in New Zealand at Tonic Room, Agent Nateur deodorants are my favourite for a completely natural, luxe alternative to toxic supermarket options. For this beauty they partnered with Shiva Rose to create a beautiful blend of sacred sandalwood and heart-opening rose. The emollient formula lavishes underarms with moisturising plant butters, while baking soda works to keep even exercise-induced wetness to a minimum .


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