Get the look: Kate Sylvester at NZFW, hair by Sean Mahoney, Evo and Cloud Nine

This year New Zealand Fashion Week returned to its original base at the Auckland Town Hall, and the open night’s show was a rather unique outing by local legend Kate Sylvester. Held onsite at The Runway, a tent in Aotea Square, it drew on romantic nostalgia from yesteryear and was inspired by the love letters sent between her parents during their courtship in the 1950’s. The looks were lush and fans of the label lapped it up, with many also applauding the beauty looks created by M.A.C national artist, Kiekie Stanners leading makeup, and hair directed by Sean Mahoney from Colleen.
One of the looks that Mahoney created was called simply: the Romantic Knot. The stylist used Evo and Cloud Nine products to craft the simple yet unabashedly dreamy pony-with-a-twist, and I got the low down on what to do if you’d like to sport the same look this coming Spring and Summer.
To get the look at home:
1. Evenly spray Evo Day of Grace to hydrate hair from roots to ends, then using a Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer, apply heat to smooth out the ends.
2. Section the hair into two from ear to ear, keeping the front section out.
3. Begin to straighten in small sections using the Cloud Nine Original Iron.
4. Take a fine section at the nape of the neck and tie into a low ponytail, spraying with Evo Builders Paradise Working Spray to build texture. Smooth into place using a Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer. 
5. Generously spray Evo Shebang-A-Bang over the top section to ensure a natural hold and shine. 
6. Pull all sections of hair back to tie into a ponytail, brushing it out with an Evo Bradford brush. 
7. Loop the ponytail around to make a knot and tie tightly with elastic. 
8. Lastly, spray the knot generously with Evo Helmut for a firm hold and spray, and Evo Miss Malleable on the ends for flexibility. 

Photography by Luke Foley-Martin 


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