Beauty steal: Skinfood’s new body bars and scrubs

I love a good bar of soap – not the old, stripping, drying kind, but the next gen kind that is soft on the skin and on the environment. Looked after correctly they will last you way longer than a bottle of body wash, and no single use plastic comes into the equation.
One I’ve fallen in love with lately is from New Zealand skincare company Skinfood, and it’s a veritable beauty steal at just $3.99. Available in six bio-active options, finding the perfect cleansing blend to tend to your skin’s unique needs has never been easier with these babies from Skinfood, and two new types have just been added to the mix. My favourite is the Indulgent Body Wash Bar, which has Coffee Grounds, Coffee Bean Extract and Shea Butter in its hero ingredient lineup. These powerhouses work tirelessly together to help improve circulation, stimulate the skin’s senses and replenish tired skin, and who doesn't love the smell of coffee in the morning? The other new bar is the Refreshing Body Wash Bar, which is made up of Peppermint Oil, Kaolin Clay and Shea Butter. Kaolin Clay helps to tighten, tone, and cleanse while balancing oil production, and Peppermint Oil and Shea Butter combine to restore and hydrate skin. 
These new bars are vegan friendly, cruelty free, made in New Zealand with 100 per cent natural ingredients and contain no synthetic fragrances — just like the rest of the much-loved range. 
Also new to the Skinfood range are two yum body scrubs, which have been “carefully developed to help you say goodbye to lacklustre, tired skin and hello to a vibrant, refreshed feel”. Sound like a bit of you? Also a bit of a steal at $15.99, they are a Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub - with roasted coffee grounds, rich cacao powder, nourishing oatmeal, coconut oil, kaolin clay and naturally exfoliating Epsom and sea salts - and Coconut & Berry Reviving Body Scrub, an antioxidant-rich fusion of açai berry, coconut oil, walnut shell, beetroot, chia seed and Epsom, Himalayan and sea salts. Both are a joy to use and smell amazing, and like the body bars, come highly recommended.


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