Hair how to: Jennifer Lopez at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, by ghd

The standout ponytail of the Grammys most definitely went to Jennifer Lopez, who had her super-long cascading locks pulled perfectly back into a glossy low version of what can sometimes be a very pedestrian style.
Not for J-Lo though, and luxe are and lush are the words I’d use to describe this flawless look. A swept-back, low pony tied at the nape, it reached halfway down Lopez's famous behind and was the very epitome of chic, understated style. At the very end of the ponytail there was just a soft, sexy curl - no crazy volume, no hair accessories, just truly luxe locks.
Hair stylist to the stars Chris Appleton (who also styles pony lovers Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande’s hair) created the look, which is easy to create at home – with or without some seriously expensive hair extensions.
To get the look using tools by ghd, according to Appleton himself…
1. When the hair was wet, I dried it straight using the ghd air hairdryer. 
2. Then I took sections of her hair and curled using the ghd curve soft curl tong 
3. Once the hair cooled, I used the ghd air hairdryer again and a ghd natural bristle radial brush in size 4 to smooth the hair and create a luxurious wave. 
4. I then tied her hair into a ponytail and wrapped a piece of hair around the band.
5. To finish the look, I spritzed hair spray to stick down any flyaways and make the hair appear healthy and glossy. We placed the hat on and the look was complete!


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