Talking with an expert: Kat Burki, Founder of Kat Burki skincare

A few months ago, the highly coveted Kat Burki line landed at Mecca stores, and yep, beauty freaks went mad for it. 
Kat Burki’s revolutionary approach to skincare stems from her early disciplined training in nutrition, and it's a thread that runs through every product. Her passion for health and wellness led her to a Health Law degree and a Masters in Health Policy, ultimately joining scientists and epidemiologists researching regional diseases around the globe and their link to nutrition. 
Understanding the connection between skincare and healthcare, Kat was inspired to create her eponymous beauty brand, with some incredible results. 
Ever-inspired by science and its possibilities for amping up the efficacy of natural ingredients, she implemented the first certified Cold Processing Technology to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain maximal effectiveness. In addition, ‘super’ ingredients are created through proven co-factoring relationships to maximise outcomes, and Vitamin C features heavily due to its incredible, skin loving capabilities. The Kat Burki line is also refreshingly GMO free, cruelty free and chirally correct, and all products are manufactured in the USA, which has some of the most stringent rules around labeling and false claims. To put it simply: the line is proven effective, beautiful to use and backed by science. What’s not to love?
I spoke with Burki about the collection, where she came from and what drives her forward…

Your tagline is “Raw Beauty”, how do you define that?
Our tagline is actually now “Powered by Nutritional Science”. The way we formulate and produce our products is based on translating the concept of nutritional science to the world of skincare. We implemented the first certified Cold Processing technology to ensure that all our ingredients maintain maximum efficacy. In conventional production processes high heat is used but this degrades vitamins, oils and anti-oxidants just as cooking your vegetables at high heat degrades their nutrients.

You have been a facialist for years, what originally made you go into the beauty industry?
My background is actually in the arena of health and wellness. While early on I received training in nutrition, my passion for health and wellness led me to pursue a Health Law degree as well as a Masters in Health Policy. I then went on to work with scientists and epidemiologists and travelled the world to research regional diseases and their links to nutrition. 
With this experience, I developed the understanding that the same nutritional concepts can be applied to skincare. What you put on your body’s skin is as important as what you put in it. Feeding the skin with nutrients, combined and delivered in the most efficacious manner will result in healthy, younger looking skin. This was a new approach that would change the landscape of conventional skincare.

And how many years was it before you created your own range?  
I worked in healthcare for twenty years before starting working with formulations in 2011.

Were you always leaning towards a natural, clean approach, or was that something that came with experience? 
My approach was always to create formulas where every ingredient has a purpose. All of our products are formulated to deliver bio-diversified nutrition, meaning we provide the skin with a well-balanced diet including ocean blend, kingdom funghi and superfoods. 
Essential to our unique approach is the concept of creating Super Nutrient Complexes that are created by combining two or more ingredients through proven strengthening relationships. Once combined, these complexes become super ingredients – more potent, effective and deeper penetrating than if used alone. It’s the same nutritional concept as combining Calcium and D3. We use no binders or fillers, so you won’t ever see water or alcohol in our ingredient decks. All our ingredients are chemical-free and void of potential toxins.

I’ve read that your Vitamin C Cream is a ‘cult’ buy. As someone who has never tried it, can you let me in on why? It sounds amazing!
I think it is simply because it delivers on its promise – people see and feel the results! It provides a lightweight yet deep nourishment and an instant glow to the skin. The Super Nutrient Complex which is at the heart of this formula is the combination of 15% Stay C (Vitamin C) powered by Reishi Mushroom.

And you have a ‘pressed serum’ in the collection, how did that come about?
Yes, our Bio-Correcting Face Crème is actually a pressed serum – a very potent treatment with our most complex ingredient deck to date. I created a complex of 5 B vitamins which help the body tap into its own healing process to repair skin and reverse damage and give name to this collection, which we call Complete B Repair. This crème is extremely rich in skin fortifying bio-nutrients, neuropeptides and corrective amino acids.

You offer oils and creams as moisturisers, how do you choose which to use?  
Often, it’s a matter of preference.  However, our 5-step protocol recommends using the oil as a seal after your AM/PM regime, it is a great way to lock in the nutrients and moisture from the Vitamin C Cream.  

As someone who has never used Kat Burki products, how would I start?  
The Vitamin C Cream is a great way to start.  You will instantly recognize many of the qualities we are known for, such as rapid absorption, radiant brilliance and you will see your skin instantly respond as a flower to rain.

Your influencers seem to span ages, races and genders, was that always the end goal – for Kat Burki products to be available to any skin type? 
Yes, most of our products are formulated to work for all skin types. We don’t target a particular group of consumers. Our clients do span a broad spectrum of ages – female and male.

What are your daily go-to products personally, your must-haves?   
I love cleansing with our Vitamin C Cleansing Balm.  I have seen great improvements in my skin’s appearance since I’ve been using our Goji Essence, and I regularly slather on our Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream.


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