All about: ageing 'better' with Tru Niagen

Ageing is an inevitability, but what if there were a way to start ageing better? A few weeks’ ago I went to the launch of a newly-released supplement that promises exactly that, and if its background is anything to go by, it delivers. And then some.
Called Tru Niagen, it is a scientifically backed super supplement that has been specifically created to fight ageing at a cellular level, allowing you to age naturally, whilst feeling – and looking – like the best ever version of you.
At the centre of its power is the active ingredient nicotinamide riboside (NR), a vitamin that is a building block for the molecule nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). NAD is a central regulator of metabolism that is found in every cell in the body of every living mammal. It is crucial to all sorts of vital functions such as converting food into cellular energy, keeping your brain sharp, and supporting normal circadian rhythm. 
Maintaining a regular sleep and work schedule, exercising, staying out of the sun, and limiting alcohol can all help retain and increase the levels of NAD in our systems. But because NAD levels decline with age and the inevitable stresses of life, better lifestyle choices aren’t always enough to produce the amounts of NAD we need for healthy, strong cells. And to be honest, how many people do you know that adhere to all of the above, all the time? And in the lead up to the silly season, its even harder.
So why are we only hearing about this now? Well although biochemists have known about this critical molecule for over 100 years, they didn’t focus on studying it because NAD was so prevalent in the body. They also didn’t have the knowledge we do now that NAD declines with age. By the age of 60, a person’s NAD levels are approximately half of what they were just twenty years before – and they feel this loss of energy and vitality more and more each year. Our cells still manufacture NAD, but as we age our bodies can’t replace the cells that die as quickly with new ones. This is precisely why some of world’s leading neuroscientists, biochemists, and researchers are paying attention to it, and why experts in the field came together to create Tru Niagen.
Tru Niagen provides NR in a form that is nature-identical to NAD; meaning it restores your own personal levels of the vital molecule, each and every time you take it. Creator Professor Charles Brenner says that unlike a stimulant such as caffeine, when you boost energy at a cellular level, “it’s more like the steady background energy your smartphone uses to execute its many functions.” This means that you won’t be bowled over by a sudden rush of energy, but rather, well supported in everyday life.
Proven scientific benefits of increased NAD include anti-ageing, an increased metabolism, improved cardiovascular health, improved cognitive function and improved endurance, among others. The practical benefits of increased NAD that daily users of Tru Niagen have reported are better sleep, increased energy, improved memory and an increased ‘healthspan’ - an increased period of time unaffected by serious illness – and after a month of taking it religiously, I can confidently say that I am dealing with the likes of stress and an unpredictable workload much better. Am I ageing better? I sincerely hope so, as ageing is inevitable, how you age isn’t.
Grab some Tru Niagen and see for yourself here.


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