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When I heard that one of M.A.C Cosmetics’ latest collabs was with model and jewellery designer Jade Jagger I just knew that it would be seriously rock n’ roll, and I wasn’t disappointed. Blue bloody rock royalty, her boho-esque, party girl style is legendary, and the capsule collection she has created with the brand is all that and more. 
The limited edition eight-piece capsule collection is made up of eye shadow quads, lipsticks and iconic Skinfinish powders, and arrives in store in New Zealand in less than a week. There are two shimmering metallic eye shadow quads (Burning Nights and Golden Shine), two blush options (Moon Shimmer, and Perfect Bronze, a golden Skinfinish powder and three lipsticks; Opal Beach, a peach nude, Sunset Pearl, a rosy brown and Rolling Red, a striking scarlet. Each product drips with the cool glamour of the designer’s vision, which you can read a little more about here…

Can you share with us your inspiration for the collection?
Maybe I’m not quite as young and adventurous as my daughters are with makeup, but my inspiration speaks truly to the gold tones since they suit everyone and are universally accepted no matter the time of the day. 
I love the lipsticks and the eye shadow palettes because the application is so buildable. I can go quite natural during the day and while I’m in the car going to an event at night I can use that same lipstick or palette to create a more defined or daring look. 
The jewel-like tones and reflective pigments in my M∙A∙C collection were inspired by the precious stones used in my jewellery designs. M∙A∙C’s Mineralize franchise was the obvious choice for my products because they contain over 70 minerals and properties that promote extra hydration in the skin while imitating my designs perfectly. 

How was the creative process with M.A.C and what was the key concept you wanted to deliver?
The creative process with M.A.C was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was so creative, inspiring, and kind hearted, really making sure to take my visions and bring them to fruition. I really had to understand that there was an entire process to learn when it comes to creating a makeup line and deciding on what the packaging would look like. It was great to have creative liberty and really make something that I feel so proud of.  

What was your first memory of M.A.C?
One of my first memories of M.A.C was when I was in New York and I saw a billboard with the brand’s name on it. I can’t quite remember who the VIVA GLAM spokesperson was, or it could have been for a store opening, but it really caught and kept my attention. M.A.C is still as striking, memorable, and bold to this day. 

What does beauty in fashion mean to you and how does it resonate in your M.A.C collaboration? 
To me, beauty and fashion should be something ageless and timeless like style. It needs to be something that appeals to people of all ages and from all facets of life and I think we did just that with my M.A.C collaboration.
For my personal take on beauty and fashion, I create ensembles and make sure everything goes with one another. I try to decide what the topic of my look will be. Will it be a bold lip, or a piece of jewellery I want to show off, or perhaps a dress that’s a show-stopper? It’s so important for me not too clash and understanding that too many good things can end up being wrong. 

Who is Jade Jagger and who are her role models/strongest influences? 
Jade Jagger is a mother and a designer and a strong willed and sexy person to me. I’m influenced by so many things in the world and we are so fortunate to be alive. Different points in nature and the insurgence of cultures really brings indigenous beauty to the forefront of my mind. I love getting inspiration from modern people and architecture and studying the simple things like the shape of a leaf or the colour of the sky. 
Finding influence in these ways has always been a big part of me. It’s so hard to remember everything that I’ve been inspired by but Andy Warhol played a huge part since he was so intimate with his work yet it appealed to such a huge culture. 

What are the similarities and differences in launching this collection and designing your pieces?
Designing my jewellery pieces is quite similar to developing my collection with M.A.C when it came to gathering ideas and understanding the needs and the wants. 
The main difference that I found was that with my M.A.C collaboration, we are creating so many products that are being launched as a collection. There needs to be elements that connect each piece to one another and create this comprehensive makeup story that we are trying to tell. When it comes to my jewellery designs, I’m not necessarily looking at it as a collection, but rather I make a lot of unique one-off pieces that create individual stories of their own.

How do you keep your designs refreshing and unique?
Each year we go through a regeneration process. We get influence by bringing all of these different experiences together whether the basis is architecture or the garden, I’m able to determine these new concepts based on everything I’m exposed to. I’m always keeping notes and doing sketches, so delivering unique pieces is a stable yet growing and organic process. 

The full collection drops on December 17, 2017 at select M.A.C locations: Auckland - Smith & Caughey’s Newmarket and Smith & Caughey’s Queen Street, Wellington - David Jones, Christchurch - Ballantynes.

(photo at top by Pamela Berkovic)


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