All about: KERASILK Beautifying Hair Perfumes

We all know that you should never spray your favourite fragrance directly onto your hair – think dryness and damage from the alcohol content, for starters – but some of the most beautiful brands have created hair mists just with that in mind. These include the likes of Jo Malone and also haircare name Goldwell, whose premium range KERASILK now includes a collection of Beautifying Hair Perfumes.
These new hair fragrances combine sophisticated, fine fragrance notes with beautifying hair care benefits, delivering that feeling of freshly washed hair all day, every day. This is a major bonus for those of you who, like me, have long locks that seem to soak up every kebab and cigarette that wafts past on a night out, and the fact that they add touch of shine while preventing static ticks even more boxes for me. I have been playing with a few of the fragrances and find that a little goes a long way, but I soon became addicted.
There are four fragrances in the range, from deeply mysterious exquisite oriental notes to romantic elegant rose accords.  Control is the aforementioned Oriental, whilst Reconstruct is a magnolia and jasmine blend with a hint of patchouli. Repower mixes freesia and lily with a light citrus, while Color blends elegant rose with white musk.
They are suitable for all hair types, and can be used as a finishing spray on dry, already-styled hair or at any time throughout the day when you feel like you need a boost. Pretty cool, huh? Hair perfume may be something you'd never really thought you needed… but then won’t be able to live without.
KERASILK Beautifying Hair Perfumes are available now, exclusively from leading hair salons nationwide. For a list of salons, visit here.


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